The Urban Dater is Featured over at Simone Grant's blog

Could it get any sexier? Probably. Certainly we bring the level of dysfunction to new heights.

It’s not often that I’m asked to guest post on someone’s blog. I’ve often asked myself why. The answer is pretty clear, however. I’m sort of a tool, I write like I think; thus a consistent stream of thought vomit is offered up to the person hosting my hot mess of guest bloggetry (yes, I know “bloggetry” isn’t a word). So I always have to offer an apology.

That said, I will tell you all that I have a brand new post that I’ve offered up to our dear friend, the lovely Simone Grant, while she is away fishing. However, between you and, dear readers, and keep this a secret, but Simone is not fishing. She’s on a mission where she is beating the snot out Col. Gaddaffi and his female virgin bodyguard minions.

In addition to my post, I offer an apology. For re-reading my post just makes me really take inventory of the fact that I’m not only an idiot, but a complete jackoff. Le sigh.

So head on over and check out my guest post.

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