Get STD Tested Says We’re #4!!!

Top one 100 sex, dating, relationship blogsWell, depending on what sort of attention you like, or how one chooses to see things (glass half empty, or half not empty) then you may or may not be excited to know that the Urban Dater was ranked in the top 100 Sex, Dating and Relationship blogs according to That’s pretty cool, in my humble opinion. Taylor and I don’t write for accolades (which should be apparent reading my posts) and that’s okay. It’s just nice to get some recognition every now then. Does this mean you should check yourself for STDs after reading the contents of this blog?? Yeah, probably. In any case, we’re fine company with the other sites selected as well, featuring some of our favorites: Bad Online Dates, How About We, and Miss Melisa Mae.

You can check out the full list here

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