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The “Nice Guys of OKCupid” Phenomenon: How Did We Get Here?

By now we’ve all heard of the “Nice Guys of OKCupid” – a compilation of images of OkCupid profiles which contrast a guy’s proclaimed “nice guy” status with words of his meant to imply that he’s not such a nice...

/ July 24, 2013

How to Overcome Resentment in a Marriage

Marriages, like all other relationships, require serious work. And this work requires a joint effort; meaning that you have to recognize that your relationship is based on human love, and not infatuation. Your partner will make mistakes and you will...

/ July 15, 2013
Is a woman truly interested in you?

Are Women Really Interested In Getting To Know You?

Sure there are a lot of nice, sweet, and beautiful women out there, who want nothing more than a highly successful man, because they know they deserve someone who is equally amazing. Then there are the gold diggers of the...

/ May 22, 2013
spice up sex life

4 Easy Ways to Heat Up your Sex Life

At the age of 40 Jackie was 5 stones over-weight, at the time she was managing her own company, and raising two kids. Truly the only thing missing in life was sex. “I felt like my figure had become completely...

/ May 14, 2013
dress for the date

Dress for the Date, Kids

I’m reminded of a date I went on many moons ago with a gal who showed up wearing flip flops and a hoodie. Yes!  A woman did that! Normally this is the sort of thing that us guys are prone...

/ May 9, 2013
Swivel Douche

Bitch Slap Your Inner Douche

Fellas, the ladies have asked me to tell you a few things. You see, they love men. They really do. They want to be welcoming and receptive to your polite, solid, and entertaining advances; to be swept off their feet...

Application sample Distagon 1,4/35

5 Ways To Attract Women At A Bar

You’ve heard the line a thousand times.  “I would never meet a guy at a bar.” Quality girls everywhere are insistent that there is no possible way they would meet their future husband at a bar. Nonsense. These bold declarations are...

/ May 4, 2013

The 5 Ways We Give Out Our Phone Number

I see numbers exchanged at my tables every night. They say, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” but the truth is 10-digit souvenirs leave the city all the time. It is a sight to see. Some exchanges are amusingly...

/ April 22, 2013