How to Overcome Resentment in a Marriage


Marriages, like all other relationships, require serious work. And this work requires a joint effort; meaning that you have to recognize that your relationship is based on human love, and not infatuation. Your partner will make mistakes and you will make them too. The 80/20 rule definitely applies in marriages, nobody is perfect. The quality of your marriage … [Read more...]

Are Women Really Interested In Getting To Know You?

Is a woman truly interested in you?

Sure there are a lot of nice, sweet, and beautiful women out there, who want nothing more than a highly successful man, because they know they deserve someone who is equally amazing. Then there are the gold diggers of the world.  The women who would like nothing more than some rich sucker to pay for every meal, take them on vacations, and buy them those … [Read more...]

4 Easy Ways to Heat Up your Sex Life

spice up sex life

At the age of 40 Jackie was 5 stones over-weight, at the time she was managing her own company, and raising two kids. Truly the only thing missing in life was sex. "I felt like my figure had become completely unappealing. I didn't want to become nude even with my husband," she states. But it wasn't just the additional body weight that was making her become … [Read more...]

Dress for the Date, Kids

dress for the date

I'm reminded of a date I went on many moons ago with a gal who showed up wearing flip flops and a hoodie. Yes!  A woman did that! Normally this is the sort of thing that us guys are prone to do. Long story short, it didn't stop me from sleeping with her the first night. So it was, indeed, a good time... That said, you still can't be a douche and go out in … [Read more...]