Legend of the Eskimo Brothers

eskimo brothers
eskimo brothers

At the Urban Dater, sometimes we likes to have fun with stuff and I thought I'd take a little crack at some lesser know (at least to me) terms that I happen to come across (heh he, come across).

So the other day, there I was, minding a bear over New Year's Eve festivities with my good buddy, Rod. He said “drink up my brother.” He snickered a bit and followed up our shared drink with “I mean, my Eskimo Brother…” I looked at him with his goofy grin as he explained what the joke was about… I'll spare you the explanation and share with you the Urban Dictionary  definition instead.

Eskimo Brother – n. A male who has had sex with, and ejaculated inside of the same woman as a good friend. (not necessarily simultaneously).

Or if you came to this site and you can't read, then this YouTube video should do the trick:

Dammit if I don't love the League.

It's a good thing that Urban Dictionary threw in the simultaneous disclaimer, because if memory serves me well, in Mobile, Alabama I think we called that a Devil's Three Way and you can't look each other in the eye while “it's” going down, if you catch my drift.

That said, are YOU an Eskimo Brother with a good friend of yours? I think I've got three of them… But I'm pretty sure that there's at least one more out there that I don't know about… You can tell by the bulge of their pants when you walk near them. It's genetic or some shit.

So cough it up, how many Eskimo Brothers do you have guys? Or, ladies, how many brothers have you made.

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