The Art Of Gifting: How Do You Get The Perfect Gift For Your Lady?

gifts for women
gifts for women

As a guy, it is almost impossible to shop for a woman who isn't your mother and that is only because your mother will never break her child's heart. Men always seem to forget that women are sentimental beings and that most times, this emotional thing really does count. Here are a few tips to help ease your struggle as you go looking for a perfect gift for your lady.

  • Pay attention to what she's saying: Most women will always start hinting at what they want long before the actual gift giving occasion. The problem is that most men ignore it immediately the woman starts talking about that cute polka dot… and so forth. The words that complete that dotted line may just be your ticket out of a lot grueling gift related issues that DON'T count.
  • Clothes and outfits: If you are considering getting her an outfit, you might want to rethink that idea. You might end up buying an outfit a size too big, which by woman reasoning is an implication that you think she's fat. If it's a size too small, it's implies that you want to lose weight. We all know that will not end well for you. However, in the eventuality that you have your mind set on an outfit, make sure you get a female friend's opinion before its purchase.
  • It's the thought that counts: There is a disclaimer to this: do not stray too far from the comfort zone. Buy her chocolates, but let them be Swiss. Don't just wrap the gift in normal gift wrapping; put the gift in a paper bag printed in Australia. In short, do something small but memorable. Nevertheless, remember not to set the bar too high for the sake of your next gift giving.
  • The actual gift giving: This is probably the part where most men have an epic fail. After identifying your gift and having it pass all the necessary vetting, you can't just shove it in her face. You may call it a surprise, but like all things, a surprise can also be bad. Choose an appropriate time and present it to her. Again you need to be thoughtful on this aspect – let it be in a setting that she might have mentioned earlier. Again, women tend to describe their idea of just the right moment subconsciously and you need to be keen so that you don't miss it.

Now stop stressing yourself, it's never that serious!

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