Is This What Men REALLY Think?


f“A woman is supposed to make a man’s dick hard, not his life”

Yep. When I heard a man say this, I literally had to note it in my Iphone to reference it in my blog this week. Is this how men REALLY think?

Very rarely will you have men and women in a room together and the topic of relationships, sex, etc will not eventually become the topic of discussion. Well a friend of mine and I were out at bar last week and we met some guys at a high top table next to ours. We began conversing and they asked us if we were in relationships. When my friend said that she was single and I told them I was dating they began to make assumptions that the reason many women are still single is because they are too picky and they set their expectations too high.

From there the conversation got really interesting. One of the guys shared that he thinks women give up too quick on men. What he meant by that is that he thinks women in relationships or dating should allow a man to sew his wild oats, do his thing and wait patiently until he is ready to completely settle down. He got upset with a girl for moving on after waiting around on him six months to settle down. His friends agreed that women complain to much and should just be patient with men. Basically men are looking for that “ride or die” chick that is gonna stick around and be there for him when he is done playing around with all of his side pieces.

I couldn’t help but ponder on some of the relationships of women that I know that have put up with a man’s B.S. for years and he finally does come around and commit to her because she’s always been there. Now truth be told, it doesn’t happen often but it does happen. Now are these women happy in these relationships? Probably not.

Is this what being in a committed relationship is all about? Is the new definition of patient as follows:
Patient (adj)- the ability to put up with something or someone that hurts you continuously with the hopes that you will eventually receive the “happily ever after” outcome.

How long should a woman put up with a man’s nonsense before she decides she deserves better? Is the only way to prove our love and commitment to a man is to continue to let him do whatever or whoever the hell he wants until he gets tired and decides to “settle” with whoever was the last soldier standing?
What are your thoughts on this fellas? Ladies?

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Always having a passion for writing, A.D. was suddenly inspired to write her own blog about women and their relationship issues while listening to a couple of “made for reality tv” stories from her friends. Hence the development of

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  1. How long should a woman put up with a man’s nonsense before she decides she deserves better? Well I would hope that before she enters a relationship she knows her boundaries. Healthy relationships take great communication, your man does not automatically make you his pedestal token. He has to know what you need and desire, it is okay to say that FIDELITY is part of that need. COME ON LADIES.

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