When is the Right Time To Give Up On Your Ex And Move On


If it has been a while since you broke up and you are still secretly hoping to get your ex back, then it’s time you reconsider your priorities, your love and the relationship goals in your life. I am sure you still think that your ex is the one for you and soon they will realize this and come back to you. But usually, that’s just a make-believe your mind plays when it’s still in denial. Here are a few questions that might help you realize whether it’s time to move on or not.

1. Was your ex really a nice person?

Think about the time you spent with your ex. Did they treat you with respect and kindness? Do you think they were a nice person? Or you were hoping that things will get better in the future and your ex will become nice. If you are hoping that your ex will come back and change to be a better person, you are going to be disappointed. It’s best if you just move on and forget bout getting back together.

2.Does your ex use you to complain about their new lover?


Are you trying to be the person who comforts their ex after they broke up with their lover? Do you believe that once they see how much you care about them they will come back? If so, you are just setting yourself up for hurt. Even if they do get back with you, you are always going to regret being a doormat and waiting for them while they roamed around town having a short lived romance with everyone else. Instead of waiting for them, move on and find yourself other lovers. It’s time you decide to move on and let your ex decide whether or not they want you.

3. Was your relationship really worth it?

Even if you start a brand new relationship with your ex, it will be similar to your last one in many ways. Think back and decide whether or not you want to be in a relationship like that. Do you really think you have the potential to be in a loving healthy relationship with your ex? If there were some major problems in your relationship, then it’s better if you move on.

4. Did you have different priorities in life?

Did you two breakup because of a major life decision? Did you two have different priorities in life? If so, then you should just move on and concentrate on finding someone who wants the same thing in life as you. Even though your ex might have been perfect on every other level, unless your partner and you want the same things in life, you relationship can never be a happy one.

5. Is your ex already moving on?

Even after a breakup, you can easily determine whether or not your ex is interested in you. You can know whether they are indifferent towards you or they are still hoping to get back together. All you have to do is keep an eye out for all the signs your ex likes you. If all the signs indicate they are dead set on moving on, then so should you.

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Kevin writes about breakups and reconciliation. He has been helping people get their ex back for over two years.

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  1. These are good tips to consider in to giving up your ex and move on. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Thanks for listening really. Me and my ex gf dated 2 years it was amazing. Everytime we were together it was great. We had 3 fights in the 2 years. We contacted everyday Wether we saw 1 another or not. Things were amazing until new years we got into a fight about going to a party the next day she left me and within 4 hours she wanted to get back. Next few months were great then end of June to July 20 is when things got sloppy. I stopped showing her I cared and mabe she even though I didn’t love her. There were a couple important dinners I didn’t attend to and then a game night I bailed on her. Then I missed her birthday… next couple days she came over and left me. I didn’t hear from her for a week and a half panic and thought she left me for someone else. I accused her of it later to talk to her on the phone just to here her say I was considering on working things out but after this no. I got angry and mad went to her house few days later begged for her back she told me no she can’t see herself with me anymore. I left calling her 1 name a slut, and told her she was going to get knocked up by someone. Few days went by I asked if she left me cause i got un attractive and I told her I could of left her a long time ago. Harshwords I know.. few weeks went by I showed up at her house confident told her I’m sorry she forgave me and we ended up having a good warm conversation. We started to text and say goodnight to each other again then couple days later I went back to try and get her back. She told me she couldent see herself with someone who has insulted her and broke her heart. I cried leaving and she kept yelling for me to comeback. She later told me how much she misses and and has feelings for me but dosent love me anymore and told me to move on and go date someone else. I knew she was saying that just so it be easier on herself. She told me she broke up with me cause I was un reliable.. I got made called her selfish and again said she was as going to get pregnant. She told me I made it easier for her now and not to contact her or family again. Few days went by text and got 1 word replies to zero. Week went by I accidently poketired dialed her and she answer it was a quick conversation. Next few days I tried text and calling her no replies finally I talk with her asking for something she said what you already said good bye several times and she admitted she misses and thinks of me everyday. I told her if she feels this way to contact me few months from now. I haven’t spoke to her in a week and yesterday I message her sister asking how she’s doing, she replied She’s good but you have to give her space for a long time. Sure you lost someone you love but you’re dragging it out and making it harder for her and yourself. My ex works and goes home everyday she hasn’t been out on any dates or even talking to a single guy… I love her and I wanted to marry this girl. What hope is left? We haven’t went a month without contact yet.. think she might think of the good and mabe miss me more? Please

  3. Great post! Number $ speaks the loudest about my situation.

    Still fighting the urge to work it out with the ex bf. I walked away from him due to different life priorities. He is a vegan and an animal activist. I am not and a human activist, so we clashed all the time. Other than that, we got along very well. Many same interests. We both keep the door open for future reconciliation. I met a nice man who seems to be having the same priorities as I do, but still confused and unsure if I should close the door on the ex or go back.

    I know from experience, if I don’t go in whole heartedly, it will fail sooner or later.

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