5 Gift Giving Ideas That Will Strengthen Your Relationship

Gift Giving Ideas

Personalizing gift giving can be tricky, but worth it.

It’s easy to find some highly unusual gift ideas on the internet, but most of the sites out there sell classless merchandise. Giving something personal shows there is more to the occasion than just clicking ‘buy’, or spending some time in the mall getting talked into another purchase.

Get him something he’ll enjoy.

Even if you do keep your ears peeled for hints and somehow manage to get them exactly what they want, it still begs the question if the gift you give has bettered your relationship at all. Can you think of any inside jokes the two of you share? To include shared experiences in gift giving is as personal as it gets. What better way is there to remind your significant other how much you love spending time with them?

Think about why you are giving them the gift anyway?

My boyfriend has a ton of passion for fishing, so I went down that path when searching for personalized gifts for him. Considering what hobbies a person has is essential to giving the perfect gift. I ended up getting him multiple fishing themed gifts with his name on them as part of the cool design. This gift made his birthday extra special. I know he instantly started planning to show off his new items to his fishing buddies.

Thinking of his interests as the basis of a gift idea is a great way to go.

Never settle on a gift for him, that you secretly want. Similarly, don’t get a gift that you plan to get him interested in after he can wise up to your interests. This is not about you! I once received a Hanson CD from my little sister, and I wanted to “Mmmbop” her in the face for that generous gift.

Spend some time planning the gift.

Give your lucky man a scavenger hunt to find the actual gift. I got this lovely idea from the clever Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) on an episode of Parks and Recreation. A game is a great way to give a gift and make him work for it a little bit more. This act of giving will take a bit more planning on your part, but you’ll be glad you put in the extra time. It shows tons of effort as you take time to plant clues. Everything should lead to a romantic and thoughtful gift; maybe try writing a poem about your feelings for him. Making something with whatever skills you possess shows even more effort. Make him some cookies or his favorite meal. You don’t have to quilt or knit to be crafty and creative.

Give not only when their birthday or Christmas rolls around, but also when they least expect it.

This sort of thing really shows you care and will make them even more likely to appreciate the gift. We all expect recognition on our birthdays, but how about a day that falls in a rough week he’s having? I will never forget the day that I was rejected from a job opportunity that I wanted so badly. I went to work feeling bad for myself but this soon changed when my boyfriend surprised me by sending flowers. It totally made my day. Remind him that you care about him enough to put some effort into your gifts. Your relationship will shine for it!

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  1. Hi sally,

    I really liked the tips you have mentioned here. It is very well said here that you first need to know what the person is interested into , find out what he/she enjoy, this will really help in finding the best gift.

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