Why You Should Date Someone You Know You Are Not Going to Marry


Do you have a friend that rates every date according to their marriage potential? Are you that person? While there’s nothing wrong with dating someone in hopes that you will one day marry, there are other reasons to invest in a dating relationship.

Keep reading for five reasons to date someone that you know you aren’t going to marry.

Practice Makes Perfect

As with all social dynamics, successfully navigating the waters of dating takes some practice. A dating relationship requires many skills, and you are unlikely to get it right without the benefit of previously experiencing the problems and situations that may arise throughout the course of a romantic relationship. By dating several people over a period of time and having a couple long-term relationships, you can gain valuable insight into the dynamics of a dating relationship. Not only will this allow you to become more confident in your current relationships, but it will better equip you for when you do meet someone you want to marry.


Maybe you’re not interested in marrying the person whom you’re dating, but that doesn’t mean that your relationship can’t be meaningful and satisfying. While it’s important to be upfront with how you view the relationship and what you expect to give and receive from it, there is nothing wrong with simply wanting someone with whom you can go see a concert, enjoy an all-day movie marathon or try out a new hobby.

Less Stress

When you only date people that you could see yourself marrying, you are likely to put a great deal of stress on the relationship. Not only is this unhealthy for both you and your significant other, but it is likely to sabotage the relationship. When that dating relationship inevitably ends, you’re left to grieve not only what you’re losing in the present, but also the beautiful and meaningful future life and family you were expecting to have. By taking some time to date someone without the expectation of eventually pledging your undying love and commitment, you can relax and simply enjoy getting to know them.

You Can Get a Better Idea of What You Want

It can be difficult to know what you’re looking for if you haven’t had the opportunity to rule out the traits that you don’t want to see in a future spouse. By taking the time to date from a large pool of people from different backgrounds and interests, you can gain a proper perspective on what you really want. Dating a few men or women that may not be right for you makes it much easier to recognize someone that possesses the random qualities that are important to you.

You May Change Your Mind

How many love stories start off with two people believing that they are completely ill-suited for one another, only to end up falling in love and enjoying a lifetime of happiness? If you identified your “type” when you were 12 years old and you’ve only dated people that have measured up to your criteria, you may have a difficult time thinking outside of that. However, by allowing yourself to invest in a relationship with someone with whom you enjoy being, but who may initially seem to be someone to whom you would never make a lifelong commitment, you may surprise yourself.

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