How to be “That Girl” All The Guys Want

the girl all guys want

You probably have a coworker, friend, or classmate who you envy—she’s gorgeous, classy, funny, and attracts guys like a Venus flytrap pulling in flies.

It’s time to stop envying her and start being her.

Face it: you’re not in high school anymore. And even if you are, jealousy isn’t becoming at any age. Besides, there’s no reason you can’t emulate the traits you envy so much about “that” girl and become her yourself.

Drawing people to you isn’t a random thing, it’s science. Humans are chemically pulled toward a handful of traits and behaviors; if you know what those are, you’ll be an “it” girl before you can say, “Envy me, ladies!”

It Starts With Your Outlook…

The first step to becoming the Most Beautiful Girl in the World is believe that you already are her. Building confidence is the groundwork for any major change in life, whether it’s getting in shape, passing a difficult test, or taking on the persona of someone you’ve always admired.

Whether you think you’re beautiful, or even pretty, doesn’t matter. Lie to yourself and act like you are. Walk with your head held high; make eye-contact and smile at strangers; be bold, daring, and outgoing.

Be kind to everyone, and they’ll be kind back. Receiving kindness is the biggest boost your confidence can get, and giving kindness makes you feel wonderful.

Also, build a community of close-knit friends whom you trust. Maybe it’s at your local gym, or through something like the Beyond Diet community. Or maybe it’s a handful of girls you’ve known since grade school and still love to spend time with.

You need to feel loved to give love, and you need to give love to convince yourself you deserve it back. Becoming the “it” girl starts with kicking off that loving cycle.

…Then Moves to Your Body…

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World has to be just that—beautiful. Cameron Diaz? Eva Longoria? Lara Logan? These gorgeous women aren’t just confident powerhouses, they’re dazzlingly attractive, too. How do they keep it up?

Eating well and working out.

A lot.

Confidence starts from within, but physical appearance starts at the gym. Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel great, so it helps boost your self-esteem. Plus, an hour of cardio is not just great for your heart—it’s a great step toward breaking hearts, too.

Eating well is a crucial complement to exercising. Maintain a diet with lots of fruits and vegetables (I know—“Thanks, Mom…”) and make sure to eat plenty of protein. Without it, your energy will wane and you’re likely to crash mid-workout.

…And Ends in your Heart

Finally, being The Most Beautiful Girl in the World means being an honest, good person.

A hot body and confidence will only get you so far if you’re selfish or inconsiderate. To be the girl that draws every guy’s eyes to her, you need to be the girl that every person wants to be around. Genuinely caring about yourself is the place to start, but it takes a bit more than that.

Do something altruistic like reading to kids in the cancer ward or spending time cleaning up a local park. Donate to charity. Hold the door open for the person passing after you. Call your mom when it isn’t Mother’s Day and you don’t need money. Care about social issues.

Being passionate is the most attractive trait a human can have. Ask any guy you know: would he rather date a Victoria’s Secret model with no social conscious or moral compass, or a mousey girl filled to the brim with compassion.

It’s well within your reach to transform yourself into the girl that every guy wants, and every girl wants to be best friends with (or hate). Chances are, you’re already most of the way there—you’re a good person who takes care of yourself and cares about the world around you.

Add a dollop of extra confidence and a couple rounds of cardio a week and… viola! Meet the Most Beautiful Girl in the World—YOU!

About Hannah Tool: Through a healthy diet and regular exercise, I turned my body into the best version of itself that it can possibly be, in spite of having Crohn’s disease. Motivation and help from awesome online resources like got me on the career track I always dreamed of, and living a happier, healthier life than I could have imagined for

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One Comment

  1. It’s simple.

    1. You do have to be reasonably physically attractive. Not model skinny or movie star gorgeous, but reasonably. Look healthy. Fortunately, most girls are reasonably attractive.

    2. Have a good personality. Again, you don’t have to be movie-star charming, but being nice, not stuckup, and knowing how to joke around/have fun every now and then is good. Be nice but not a pushover.

    3. Be your own person. Have some mystery. Don’t fall to peer pressure. When you’re your own person, and have your own life, you don’t come off as clingy, needy, desparate, etc. and people (of both genders) tend to respect you more.

    4. DO NOT PUT OUT. The minute you put out, they will not longer want you, because you’ve given them what they wanted. If you put out too often, you’ll be known as the town bicycle, rather than the goddess all the boys lust after. So be picky about who you date and hook up with. This isn’t about slut shaming. Women fully have the right do as they please with their bodies. But if you want to be the Girl All The Guys Want, you cannot sleep with them. Sleep with guys outside of your social circle if you want, but to maintain the status of “Girl All The Guys Want,” you cannot sleep with guys within said circle.

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