The Psychology of the Pickup Artist

KamaTV from England has been presenting youtube videos since August, 2015 that, “…teach the science of attraction….” which help men communicate more confidently with women. This enhances their success in dating, and pickup artistry, defined as skilled interaction and seduction technique. They have 1,281 videos with over 100,000,000 views, boasting some 325,000 subscribers. Recently, their presenters have been, Emre Ilkme (CEO), Iain Myles, Gabriella Ryan, and Annabella Rose.

The male coaches’ couture is sometimes subpar, but the females’ look, always trig. In their videos a man and/or woman go to London’s downtown streets, interviewing women with provocative queries like, do looks, skin color, height, money, etc., matter? (Would these women respond privately the way they do in the street?) In other scenarios, either of the men scurries after young women, for encounters always carried out unbeknownst to them; their faces, etc., expunged. Iain, in his “How to approach a girl in the street?” (2017) video, exclaims to one woman, “Excuse me…sorry…you look really hot, by the way…are you, like, Spanish?” He then gets her name and enquires about her vocation and hobbies, and finally acquires her phone number to arrange a rendezvous, later. Forgo anxiety and rejection fears via “instant approach,” and vanquish negativity by not being “outcome dependent,” Iain instructs. Moreover, he advocates “reframing,” which is not worrying how women react, therein ameliorating one’s advancement skills. Curiously, does Kama redact these videotapings to screen out women who were offended and spurned such assertive intrusions? Whatever the coaches also act as wingmen or wingwomen for their clients. KamaTV offers numerous books and engaging webinars. The latter, sometimes gratis, I found, present little more than what Kama preaches on youtube.

Neurolinguistic Programming?

According to Kamalifestyles, their coaches have complete instruction in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). The American Psychological Association defines NLP as, “…techniques…designed to improve interpersonal communications and relationships by modifying…MENTAL MODELS of the world, that individuals…use to…interact with…people” (VandenBos, 2015, p. 703). NLP was hatched from Neurolinguistics, which studies how organization and processing of language in the brain are encoded. NLP supposes the manner in which brain, language, and body interplay to mold such models or programs, thereby influencing behaviors.

Psychotherapist John O. Stevens, M.A. (1980, pp. 423-5) explains NLP is not a therapy, but its principles can apply to therapy.  Entrepreneur and habit coach Khalil Gdoura (2020) affirms, “NLP never pretended to be…a…science. Instead, it is an Art of active listening and modeling, live!”

NLP can be used in conjunction with hypnosis (see, boiled down to talking yourself out of self-defeating thinking and behaviors. It doesn’t jive with current neurological theory, which is another discussion.

Sirin Kale Investigates

UK journalist Sirin Kale (2019) explains how the pickup milieu, consisting of “…flattery, psychological manipulation and coercion,” skyrocketed with the release of 2005’s book, The Game, by Neil Strauss. In it, were first taught techniques like “negging,” criticizing women to obliterate their confidence so they requests a man’s acceptance; and “peacocking,” where men dress lavishly to pique women’s intrigue, so they are more open to approach.

Kale visits dating coach/PUA Johnny Cassell. She confesses she always disrelished “street harassment.” Nevertheless, after a $1,000 daylong “Impactful Connection” pop psychology workshop, she accompanies Cassell and two students who go “sarging” (cruising) on London’s streets. Some women pursued are irate, or, say they have a boyfriend. One pupil muses if he’s perturbing anyone. At the bar, that night, Kale witnesses women being objectified. The clients, shy and aimless, seem dependent on their coach. Kale, unimpressed, bids them adieu.

Julien’s Philosophy

Psychiatrist Malcolm Forbes, M.D., and psychologist/zoologist Ryan Anderson, Ph.D. (2014) decry the aggressive techniques of sexist pickup artist Julien Blanc, shunned in Australia, the UK, and Japan. In general, pickup artists often teach their techniques or “game” to throngs of young men in paid workshops. Forbes and Anderson explain that many pickup artists advise their pupils, a la Blanc, to “… subvert the target’s autonomy.” Like Strauss (above), they have their own argot. For instance, “pawning” (similar to male copying), where the man fetes a woman to display social status to other ladies; “going caveman” (kino escalation), which is resorting to physical, over verbal, communication when meeting a woman; “the seven-hour rule,” meaning it should take no longer than seven hours to achieve intimacy, which PUA’s term “full close.” The authors adumbrate scientifically underlying aspects, referring to investigations by evolutionary psychologists Nathan Oesch (UK) and Igor Miklousic (Croatia), who examine PUA expert Erik Von Markovic, who (much like KamaTV’s descriptions) describes:

1. Attraction, how it begins by “conversation starters,” that is, racy compliments to show interest and look attractive. This is tantamount to risk-taking and social dominance. Pawning enters the picture, too.

2. Comfort and trust, established via being amicable, combined with progressive touching.

3. Seduction, accomplished though information sharing by self-disclosure, leading to a more intimate, personal encounter.

Strategic Vocabulary

Social and personality psychologist Jeremy Nicholson, M.S.W., Ph.D. (2014) expatiates on the science of pickup lines, affirming that different lines reflect certain personalities and appeal to specific types of women. He says UK psychologist Christopher Bale, Ph.D., et al (2006) inaugurated research here, collating 40 lines from various media and asking male and female subjects what they opined. The lines reflecting a man’s opulence, culture, physical attractiveness and generosity led to further discussion, while the more insipid, and erotic, comments made women walk away.

Administering personality tests to the same subjects, UK psychologist Matthew Cooper, et al (2007) substantiated the above findings, attesting that shy, introverted women prefer the cultured presentation. Extraverted women respond to direct, humorous comments. The more forward, risky types of women, like the general complimentary lines with sensuous overtones. Men’s lines always imply what they want, from a tryst to something more serious.


Dating help sites like KamaTV and others can be useful in pickup–if conducted low-key–but exhaustive empirical studies on said are yet to come. If Neurolinguistic Programming is helpful, try it. However, be vigilant; eschew all scammers.


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I am a psychologically oriented researcher & author, and a member of the American Psychological Association. A Laurentian University graduate, I also work as an abstract, acrylic artist, in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. My art is often shown in Toronto.

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