4 Misconceptions About Online Dating

With the rise of online dating sites, people have actually been more active on dating platforms compared to the regular style of dating. The technology of the 21st century has brought us convenience and gave us confidence to date with ease and comfort. Up to this day, certain stigmas are still attached to online dating which I probably would never understand why.

Of course in the past and maybe until now, many have experienced being scammed and worst on dating platforms. But day by day, these sites are getting more sophisticated and people are getting smarter when dating online.

For starters, here are some of the top four online dating misconceptions which I know very well that you should be aware of if you’re going to enter the realm of online dating:

1. Online dating is for losers and desperate people

One of the biggest and most talked about misconceptions about online dating is that it’s only for losers who are desperate for a date because they’re unattractive or socially awkward in real life. When in truth, they are actually successful people who just don’t have the time to go out and socialize with people, so instead, they go for the convenience that online dating provides which enables them to choose compatible singles from their respective devices.

2. Online dating sites are infested with scammers

Ten or so years ago, dating sites have quite a large number of scammers to the point that whoever you meet online might likely be a scammer. Most especially on niche dating sites (based on experience). But today, algorithms are better and people got smarter. Some dating sites even have to review your dating profile first before you can actually use the site, which I think is pretty reassuring.

With so many who got scammed before, people actually learned their lessons and applied what they learned in the past, so they most likely wouldn’t commit to the same mistakes again. I for one was in a Filipino dating site before where I had to go and research some online dating and safety tips just to be sure. Hundreds of articles on this topic are already available on the internet for you. So you’re pretty much covered.

Even though a lot has been done just to get rid of scammers, you can never be too careful since your privacy and safety is at stake.

3. Online relationships suck

One common misconception is that couples that started online are more likely to break up than couples who met offline. Many of these online dating couples have proved that this is absolutely wrong.

Studies have been conducted which was mentioned on Psychology Today that online couples are less likely to end their relationship with a 5.96% rate compared to offline couples with a 7.67% rate.

From my own perspective, though I think this is because online couples got the chance to be matched better with the help of algorithms and compatibility matching. Before actually meeting in person, they can get to know each other better on the site. When things go well, they can decide on what path of the relationship to take. But if things don’t go the way that it would, then you can still search for other compatible matches on the platform.

4. Everybody is a liar

Being online gives you the luxury to hide your identity. With online dating, you have the power to protect your identity and you have the freedom to share your real name and other contact information if you trust the person on the other end completely.

This is an entirely different misconception to #3. On this one, online daters might get slightly overboard when setting up their dating profiles which is quite common in offline dating. When you’re dating, it’s quite normal to lie a little bit about who you are whether it regards to educational background, social status or profession, etc. This happens quite a lot in offline dating. But online daters are mostly concerned at hiding their age and/or their physical appearance.

But note that not every online dater does this. If you’ve known that the one you’re chatting up with, lied about who they are from the start, them it might not be a good start to a relationship. Which is up for you to think about and decide whether to continue the relationship or not.

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