How to Design the Perfect Bachelor Pad

perfect bachelor pad
perfect bachelor pad

Bringing a girl back to your place may seem like the most exciting thing in the world- until she sees what it looks like. The stench of manliness and stacks of pizza boxes may be something to be proud of when your bros come over, but if you want to impress a lady, you're going to have to do some cleaning up.Besides practicing good hygiene and maybe cleaning the bathroom every so often, there is plenty you can do to keep your place looking mighty masculine and mighty appealing to the fairer sex.

  • When in doubt, opt for sleek lines and neutral colors. You don't need the poofy comforter and neon decor that hurts if you look at too long. Simplicity is definitely your friend.
  • That being said, don't be afraid to showcase a little personality, too. You can learn a lot about a person by their place, and you can be sure that your girl will be trying to find out as much as possible. Hang some album covers from your favorite artists on the walls, put up some photos of your family or your buddies (no ex-girlfriends!), or leave your guitar/sports equipment/massive DVD collection where anyone who comes in can see it.
  • When you're living alone, you can forgo the fashionable furniture in favor of comfort. Go ahead and opt for the La-Z-Boy over a stylish leather couch that is super uncomfortable.
  • Be the man you want to be in your own place. Do you think of yourself as a manly man? Go ahead and cover your hardwood floor with a bearskin rug. Sophisticated businessman? Sleek decor in mostly black and a nice desk will help to communicate who you are.
  • Be ready to entertain by keeping your kitchen stocked and dishes clean. Love showing off your bartending skills? Set up a bar in your kitchen so that you're ready to serve your friends or romantic interest any time. But don't forget to have some food in the fridge, too. A well-stocked kitchen shows that you've got a little bit of responsibility to go with all that testosterone.
  • Above all, make your apartment about you. It's much more important for you to be comfortable at your place than anyone else, and if you decorate just to impress the ladies, they will be able to see right through it.

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