Embrace your scars

Real maturity, real feelings, and real effort that what turns me on these days. I could easily fall into another hookup, guys I have been with in the past craving more. But that's a level I don't want but still consider. And again, sex is only a temporary pleasure.

I am taking back my power, detaching myself, if you will. If it were meant to be, it would be. Nothing can be forced. Life is full of opportunity—full of things, situations, and people that will test you.

The key is finding balance and paying close attention to how you react and respond. The key is not overthinking. Stop living in the what if. Stop overanalyzing every action. Live in the present moment. Accept your scars. They are reminders of a past that no longer exists. A past that you outgrew. Use them as a teaching tool not to repeat once you figure out what you truly want.

When you can look in a mirror and see all that potential when you see your worth, nothing else will matter. Love yourself. Breathe. Drain your heart from past hurt. Fill your life with laughter. Pay attention to those who have stuck around because they are the ones who deserve your attention, your love, your friendship, and your smile.

Sometimes what you think you want and need are two different things. Stop allowing anyone to control your emotions, especially if they are no longer a part of your present life. Take those experiences, take the pain, take the initiative, take all of that, and use it for good. Nobody has the power to make you feel any less, So stop allowing them. If they can't see your worth, if they don't make you smile if they make you start doubting your actions. They don't belong anywhere near you; they don't deserve another thought, another emotion, another word. Not everyone in your life is out to hurt you. Just be authentic.

Choose people who pulled up a chair with you when times were tough, and you sparkled a little less than usual.

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Pacsac age 45 🇨🇦
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