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With the emergence and continued prominence of online dating over the years, it seems there are more and more choices available to would-be daters and, er, procreators (yep, I'm keenly aware that, that isn't a real word). Sure, there are tons of sights out there such as E-Harmony, Match and Plenty o' Fish. Ultimately, though, the question becomes this: Do I or don't want to spend money on a dating site? The answer isn't really a straight up yes or no, it seems. There are a number of sites out there with a plethora of “gimmicks” and things to entice your dating dollars right from your purse… or murse, for that matter (man + purse = murse, Corey). How do you know what services are worth a damn?Finding site reviews is one way to accomplish this and what I'll highlight today. Scouring the internet is easy enough, but sifting through the information can be a pain. A friend suggested The site is pretty simple and straight forward and slaps you in the face with reviews on their dating site reviews page. Having read through some of the sight reviews I felt most of them seemed pretty spot on. I saw some of the big heavy hitter sites such as E-Harmony, Match and Chemistry and as one might expect they have fairly high ratings from various users submitting their reviews and that's a good thing. Good because the sites I just mentioned aren't free, unless you find a free communication weekend, so it's good to be confident in your purchases, especially where it concerns online dating.

The other thing I encourage visitors to the site to do is to actually submit their own reviews of their sites, the ones they like and especially the ones that they don't like. You gotta help your fellow dater out there, peeps!

So here's a quick summary of a couple review sites I found that I thought were really informative and useful.

Type: Dating Site Reviews
Pros: Nice collection of sites and features reviews of many of the more popular dating sites. Also has a large dating directory.
Cons: Needs more sites to be reviewed. Literally there are tons of dating sites sprouting up every day, especially niche sites i.e. tall person dating, geek dating etc.

Site: Consumer Reports
Type: Consumer Reviews
Pros: It's CR guys, they are the heavy hitters of all things needing review.
Cons: It's CR guys, you're more likely to fall in love with a toaster rather than your soul-mate coming to this place.

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