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I find it incredible how many dating sites and directories have popped up through the years as culture has been swept away in the wake of the internet. It's changed how we meet and communicate with people. More than that it's increased our volume of choice. That is, if we wanted to date a geek, there's sites for that; if we wanted to date people with STDs (I guess they're called STIs now, I want a new acronym for myself!) In any case we are not without options.

From Russian or Ukranian brides (never did understand that niche) to freakish roid-popping singles there is nothing you can't find. Be careful what you ask for however, as you might end up with the hyper-mesomorph to the right over here…

The problem that I find is actually FINDING these sites where people can connect to those they wish. There's tons of sites out there that one can go to. Free Dating USA is a dating directory with a large directory of niche sites, most of them free, that people can sign up with and find their geeky match, or errr… hairy match? For Gay folk there's also NY Gay Dating Directories as well. You're limited by your want/desire/need/kink. Remember how I was talking about the geek love? Yep, there's even an online dating for them, too (geeks need lovin' too, kids): Enter Soul Geek.

In short, if there's something that you're looking for in Online Dating, there's no reason you can't find it. It's just going to take some leg work on your part. Sure, it's easy to get discouraged, but I can tell you, from experience, that just as you're ready to give up and quit that is the moment when something will happen that will snap your sappy self-pity feeling ass out of your dry spell. Damn, that pic of that dude above is cmtfo…

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  1. In today's time, there are lot of free dating sites that have different niches. It can be classified by age, place, nationality and many more. So we have more control on what kind of people we want to meet. Nice post.

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