18 Essential Facts About the Party Girl You’re Hitting On


There's something about a party girl who turns men into putty.

The high heels, the little black dress, their crazy fun carefree attitude…It's enough to make a man fall in love there and then.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of things to remember when attempting to hit on a party girl at the nightclub.

They may be more free and easygoing but there are lots of obstacles to stop you winning her heart.

There's the crowded dance floor, deafening music, dozens of other lads who also want to get in her pants…and that's before you even get a chance to speak to her.

These 18 essential facts about party girls will help you get ahead.

1. Party girls just want to have fun

Most party girls are up for flirting with a fun guy.

Just keep it cool. The club is not the place for serious conversation or social awkwardness.

Either add to the fun or forget about it.

2. Party girls know what's up

Every hot woman knows when you're hitting on her. Don't hide it.

Don't pretend you're just being friendly. Have the bravery to make it clear you're courting her. Honesty is the best policy.

3. Party girls love to drink

Sometimes party girls get too drunk to hit on. If her jibber-jabbering doesn't make sense, she's too drunk for sex.

4. Party girls get ‘resting bitch face'

That RBF is intimidating as anything, but have sympathy.

Her high heels are killing her. The line for the lady's room is too long. The bar staff are beyond slow. It's not her fault.

Believe that introducing yourself will turn her frown upside down.

5. Party girls get hit on all the time

If she's initially defensive, she's probably already been bothered by half a dozen other dudes.

Show some empathy. Be politely persistent. Focus on showing her a super fun time.

That should separate you from the other selfish douche-bags.

6. It takes party girls hours to look that good

Hair seductively straightened. Eyebrows plucked to perfection. A dress better than the other ten she tried on. Don't underestimate the effort made to prepare for the evening.

Any careless comment about her appearance and she'll detest you until the end of time.

7. Some party girls are only after free drinks

Sadly, there's a strong sub-culture of females who only flirt with guys to get a free drink. The second you give these girls the glass, they'll disappear onto the dance floor.

Avoid buying her drinks in the beginning to see whether she likes you or what's in your wallet.

8. Some party girls are only after attention

Party girls in relationships will still flirt with fun guys. They love the validation. To avoid wasting time with a woman who won't get it on with you, try getting a little bit physical.

Lead her to the bar by the hand. Stroke back her hair to whisper in her ear. Pull her towards you so you're face-to-face on the dance floor.

These seemingly innocent moves will make single women swoon, while those in couples will feel uncomfortable. You're winning either way.

9. Party girls don't leave the club before midnight

Regardless of how great it's going, few girls will go home with a guy in the early part of the night.

They want to drink, dance, party and enjoy the whole evening.

Don't try to drag her away until later on.

10. Some party girls are shy

Even party girls get nervous around guys they like. Often, they become self-conscious or worried about saying something stupid.

As a result they appear shy and timid. This doesn't mean they're uninterested. Stick it out until they're comfortable enough to open up to you.

11. A party girl's friends are more important than you

Females are loyal to their friends, even if they're on the pull. They won't leave a mate standing alone, nor will they tolerate mistreatment of them.

Befriend her friends. Their opinion of you is worth as much as her own.

Ideally, you'll have a wingman ready to win over anyone your woman is with.

  1. A party girl's jam is more important than you

Every girl has a song that gets her sprinting to the dance floor regardless of who's hitting on her. I swear Iggy Azelia has probably prevented a zillion pick-ups with her catchy club beats.

13. Some party girls are mean

Party girls love drama on a night out.

They'll point out all of your flaws to find out if you're really the confident person you're portraying. They'll fake disinterest to test how you react.

Stay grounded throughout these mind games and you're all good to try to take her home.

14. Some party girls live miles away

If you're partying in a big city, consider the distance between your apartments.

Some girls won't go home with anyone who lives miles away from where they're staying.

And there's no point exchanging numbers if she's only in town for the evening.

Can you cover the cost of a cab ride to try to seal the deal there and then? You shouldn't spend hours hitting on her without working this out.

15. Party girls live for the moment

Party girls live for the moment. They want to fit in as much fun as physically possible.

If you're the coolest bloke in the club, they'll be begging for an invite to your after party.

If you are that fun guy, don't be afraid to get girls back to your apartment straight after a night out.

16. Party girls are still worried about slut-shaming

Her inhibitions may be lowered but she still feels the burning gaze of our slut-shaming society staring deep into her soul.

Even when she wants to sleep with you, she won't admit it around her mates.

Don't turn things too sexual until you're alone and she's comfortable showing off her seductive side.

17. Party girls might not remember you

Just because you spent time together and swapped telephone numbers doesn't mean she'll remember you the next morning.

Alcohol does mischievous things to our memories – and she'll have given her number to most hot guys she met that night.

Send her a Snapchat or use Whatsapp to help remind her who the hell you are.

18. Party girls have regrets

Alcohol leads to regrettable decisions.

The bloke who appeared to be Prince Charming at the bar can become just another boy by the next morning.

Gorgeous women get to ignore loads of texts from men who never left a lasting impression.

Hopefully, the advice above will prevent you from becoming the latest man she regrets meeting.

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