Hmm. Maybe it was three or four years ago when my friend, Anolga, told me about this “Crazy Blind Date” website that she had gotten a couple dates from. I looked at it, saw what I could do on it and said “meh… I'll stick to dating on MySpace and Craigslist, thanks a latte!” I only knew two friends that went on a date from the site. I didn't because the idea just seemed… bad. You couldn't tell who  you were being set up with… Lame.

Fast forward to today, when I check the OkCupid to see who messaged me. It's then that I'm presented with a graphic that says “Crazy Blind Date Day.” OkC effectively blocked out all the pics on their site for today, to promote the relaunch of Crazy Blind Date. Noice. I'll hold off on messaging the person who reached out to me, in case they are missing something creepy… like a face.

In other words, Crazy Blind Date is the dating service that OkCupid forgot about.


crazy blind date

Yeah, I look like a fucking creeper..

And I'm happy to report, that the service has not changed. You still find dates the same way.

Step 1. Cut a hole in the box… Ooops. Wrong stuff. Let's try again.

Step 1. Post what days you're available

Step 2. Select a venue to meet at. Choose somewhere public, though, it does appear you can only select from local businesses. Sorry. No rape vans, peeps.

Step 3. Select a time

Step 4. Wait for someone to hop on to your date… Alternatively you can browse available dates from other folks to pop into.

The service itself does a good job of protecting dater anonymity, too. Which it always has, but back then I don't think people appreciated that aspect of it. But these days, with all the crazies out there, this feature will be most welcome, I'm thinking.

The Android app is sexy and simple and looks great on my Gnex. And it's the little things that I appreciate here. There are a pair of features I dig:

  • Ability to pull up the venue on Google Maps and easily get directions
  • Ability to create a meeting on your Google Calendar for your date, directly from the Crazy Blind Date App.

That's really it. But that's all the app needs to be. It's simple and beautiful. And now I have a pair o' dates.

I'll be reviewing these dates next week after we see how these all go.

Android users, you can download the app here. iPhone users? Eat a bag of #$%^&* and^&*() monkey %^&*^&*(*() grandpa %^&*()s.

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  1. what a crappy fluff piece, I doubt whoever wrote it has even used the app because it currently has about a 1.6 rating in the app store and almost all the reviews are overwhelmingly negative about it being buggy and somehow this blogger only says that it “looks sexy” and is already getting dates from it? Also, no mention of the bizarre and annoying kudos system


    1. You are bizarre. And, yes, it does “look” sexy and YES, I’ve already got a pair of dates scheduled, and upon further testing, there’s some buggy shit, I’ve found. But this wasn’t so much a review as it was a news item. I would love to post YOUR review. And for the dates… well, if you didn’t get any then your mileage apparently varies.


  2. a. Terrible marketing plan in my book. Hey! Let’s piss people off, that will get their attention.
    b. Wasn’t online dating created so that we didn’t have to do the whole blind date thing ever again? Terrifying.
    c. I’m a grumpy cat and perhaps this is a sign I need to stay away from dating for a bit.


    1. You’re going to get a spanking for that.


  3. Today there are many dangers that everyone must be concerned with. One of the leading concerns today is safety when dating. Dating involves the meeting of someone new and getting to know them.


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