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Dressing for Dates

How to dress on a date for men
How to dress on a date for men
Let me dispel a myth right here, kids: Birthday Suit. Still not acceptable. Lame

Preparing for a date is difficult.  Not only do you have to worry about the potential of committing a major social faux pas in front of your guy, you also have to worry about what you are going to wear!

Lucky for you, we have taken (most of) the guesswork out of choosing the perfect outfit.  We can’t actually come into your closet to tell you what to wear, and some of the decision making has to be left up to you; after all, it’s your personality that is on display.  We can, however, guide you in the right direction!

The Daytime Date

The Daytime Date can include just about any activity that takes place while the sun is still up.  Most of these dates are casual so you can look casual too.  However, casual doesn’t mean sloppy.  Whether it is Sunday brunch, a picnic in the park, a trip to the museum, or just a relaxing coffee break, you still need to look your best.

When picking an outfit, think balance.  If you wear jeans, dress them up with some cute flats and a blazer.  If you wear a nice print dress, cover it with a denim jacket.

The Hang With The Boys Date

Did your boyfriend just call and invite you to hang with the guys at the corner pub to watch football?  You’ll want him to know you can hang with the guys without being prissy.  While you want to fit in, don’t go to the extreme of donning an oversized jersey.

Try a pair of jeans, some boots and a fitted sweater.  Or, (if you’re the type that owns one!), throw on your motorcycle jacket.  That will look cute with jeans and won’t be out of place in a room full of guys.

The Dinner Date

Oh, The Dinner Date.  This date can either be extremely easy or extremely difficult to dress for.  Perhaps the easiest (believe it or not) type of restaurant to dress for is the super fancy.  Grab your LBD and you are set to go.  This is especially true if your date will be coming from the office and still wearing his work garb.  Nothing goes better with a suit than a LBD.

On the other hand, a trip to the local, family-oriented eatery is more difficult.  In a place like that, being underdressed is preferable to being overdressed.  However, you are on a date and do want to look nice.  Just like The Daytime Date, think balance.  Pair the simple with a bit of fancy.

The Active Date

Guys can only do so much sitting around, talking about feelings.  Eventually, they need to get up and do something.  Here comes The Active Date – bowling, batting cages, mini golf, cornhole.

For this type of date, jeans and comfy shoes are probably a must.  You’ll want to move easily in your clothes, but that doesn’t mean you should look sloppy.  Choose fitted – not tight – garments over baggy.  When you are making your selection, do yourself a favor – put the “dry clean only” item back in your closet.  And as you leave, grab a hair tie; you’ll want to keep your hair out of your face.

The Group Date

A lot of girls do some hard core stressing about what to wear to a dinner party.  After all, you’ll be meeting a ton of new people, all with a different opinion on what is appropriate party attire.

However, selecting an outfit for this type of outing is quite simple; be yourself.  There is absolutely no way to know what every other person at the party will be wearing.  Don’t bother trying to fit in.  It’s best to be comfortable in your own skin (and clothes!).  Choose something that is flattering.  And don’t be afraid to add your favorite, bold accessories – let your personality shine!

No matter where you are going or what you wear, just have fun.  You are with your man!  Relax and enjoy the time you have together.

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