Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink

So many men, so little play

The last six months have been a whirlwind of dating. Considering  the month of June left me a tad heartbroken, I was happy to keep it light. Half a year can work wonders and I now feel like a relationship is becoming more and more appealing. I have an array of men currently in my life with whom I have casual relationships with, and yet not a single one of them seem to be potential for much more. I was never seeking friends-with-benefits type relationships, it just sort of happened

I have never been the type of girl to play the field the way I seem to be doing currently. Generally speaking I date one person at a time and the goal has usually been to find something meaningful. Yet, after this last relationship I decided to jump back into the dating pool and swim around. I knew I wasn't ready to totally open up again but I figured I might as well have fun in the meantime. Over the months I met a lot of really great guys. Some guys I continue to hang out with on a regular basis. In addition to my dating frenzy a couple of my ex's have come back around and have expressed interest in ‘hanging out'. So many options! My friends joke that they can't keep all the men in my life straight.

So here I am. Newly 28 and I seem to have more men on my plate than I know what to do with. Despite my collection of single hotties I still find myself single. What's a girl to do?! Men seem to think I'm a blast to hang out with and obviously they find me attractive or they wouldn’t want to hook up. So what's the deal? Am I simply meeting the wrong men? Am I reeking of some new insecurity? I am starting to wonder whether this is something I really need to look into or if I should just chalk it up to timing. It's an odd situation. I can't complain but I'm also not exactly feeling fulfilled emotionally either.

I am going to keep all of these possibilities in mind. But, for the time being, I think I'm going to suck it up and try and at least have a good time until Mr. Wonderful shows up and sweeps me off my feet.

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  1. "…obvi­ously they find me attrac­tive or they wouldn’t want to hook up."

    I am sure you are attractive. Not doubting it or slighting it in *any* way.

    However, I've heard about plenty of hookups that took place even though the man did not find the woman particularly attractive. Just saying. Be careful out there – with your physical self and with your emotional heart.

  2. What girltrueheart just wrote is exactly what exasperates me about men and why I am never sure if a guy is interested in me or not.

    I'm having the same problem as SingleMuch. Many dates, none sticking around. Hopefully things will change soon.

  3. For my own sanity, I choose to believe I'm just that hot. :p Whatever it takes to get me through the day right? Hope you lovely ladies have a fabulous new year!

  4. hey nicole stop living a parallel life with me. kidding! it's all about timing. i've written of this before. two people can be perfect for each other but if the timing is off it's never going to work out. so just keep being your fabulous self and eventually the man who deserves you and all your hotness will come along. i have to believe that too. even the ones who can't fit into your life now may down the road, it's all about timing.

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