7 Body Language Cues That Tell You She Is Getting Serious

Understanding a girl's body language when you are first dating is important in determining whether to make a move and take things forward.

Yet the importance of body language doesn't diminish as the relationship progresses. At each new level you reach body language plays a crucial role in communicating that you are ready. Talking moves you forward as well, but often it is body language that gets you to the point where you are ready for that conversation.

Think about it. Are you likely to start a conversation about getting more serious when all her non verbal cues are telling you she isn't interested? Of course not, but if all her non verbal cues are telling you she is serious, then perhaps it's time for that conversation.

These are some subtle and not so subtle body language cues that tell you the girl you are dating is ready to get serious.

1. The Dreamboat Eyes

Imagine waking up next to a woman and you stare lovingly into her eyes with a goofy grin and butterflies in your stomach. This is what Mark Manson calls the Dreamboat Eyes, “the way two people look at each other when cuddling and making cutesy noises while rubbing their noses together.”

A girl will give you the dreamboat eyes only after she has fallen for you. When you started dating she would keep her guard up. This is a sign she has dropped her guard and let you in. You are now her Prince Charming. If you get the dreamboat eyes it's safe to start thinking about getting serious.

2. She Initiates Lots Of Non Sexual Touch

When she always wants to be close to you, holding hands, cuddling, stroking your arms or hair it's a sign that she is serious.

Girls do this when they are flirting but if they keep it up after a few months it means they are very interested. If she is just keeping you around for a fling she will have sex with you but she will avoid all the other cutesy stuff. If she gives you the cute stuff then she intends to keep you around.

3. Deep Sighs Of Contentment

When you are lying in someone's arms and it just feels right, you are at peace and content with the world. It's very common for people to let out deep sighs as they lift the weight off the world off their shoulders and relax into the tranquility of love.

If she is fidgety and uncomfortable when lying in your arms then she isn't thinking about getting serious. But if you hear those deep sighs of contentment it's a good sign.

4. She Always Wants To Be Close To You

A girl who wants things to be more serious will use any opportunity to be close to you. This is especially the case if you aren't actually doing anything together. You might be reading a book on the couch and she will want to read her book while sitting right next to you. It might be annoying at times but this desire to be close is a clear sign of affection.

5. She Gets Nervous And Flustered

Nervous and flustered behavior is normal on the first few dates while you are getting to know each other. But normally it subsides as you get more comfortable being around each other. However when a girl starts thinking about making the relationship more serious she can start behaving jittery again. If you see an unexpected bout of nervous behavior after you have been seeing a girl for a while it could be a sign that she has started thinking about a future with you.

6. She Asks Lots Of Deep Questions

Getting to know someone takes a long time and a lot of conversations. If this is a short-term arrangement for her she won't bother with the deep probing questions. She won't be that interested.

Yet if she is considering a serious relationship with you she will want to get to know you better. Questions about your family, your values and your life goals show that she is thinking about whether you would be suitable as a long-term partner.

7. She Is Always Doing Things For You

In his book The Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman identifies acts of service and gift giving as two of the love languages. When a woman is trying to express her love for you but it's too early to say the words, she will often use these two love languages instead. So if she is buying you a lot of gifts or doing things to help you out like cooking and cleaning, it is a non verbal way of signaling her commitment to you.

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