How to Know If it Is a Long Term or Just A Lust

Is it Lust or Long Term

True love overcomes every obstacle, they say, but whenever it comes to your relationship things often seem more complicated. If you and your beloved one are at a crossroads, you seriously need to reconsider some important issues. One of the widely discussed problems, concerning a great part of couples remains the unfaithfulness. In case your partner had been untrue and that is about to destroy your relationship, you had better wait with the conclusions. Many people will agree with the fact that it does not matter whether it comes to a one-night-stand or to a long-term relationship. Lying your partner about such intimate issues is definitely one of the greatest betrayals.

Of course, if you want to save your relationship, the best option is to understand the seriousness of the situation. Before making the final decision and to separate with your partner you may want to know whether this act of infidelity was driven by lust or whether this relationship is more serious than you can imagine.

Be Honest to Yourself: How Much Do You Know About Each Other?

Being unfaithful is a common problem for many men and women, however, you need to question yourself some things when this happen in your relationship. In case you are not well acquainted with some important details of the life of your partner, you are less likely to make the right judgement. Whether he or she swears that this was a one-night-stand, do not immediately fall for this. If you feel that you know almost nothing about the past of your partner, you need to put under question the honesty of your beloved one.

Think of The Similar Goals For Your Future

When your partner has been untrue, this is often an alarm for other serious problems in your relationship. If you want to save it, you will probably want to know if the betrayal was a momentary mistake or if your partner is still in contact with the other person. In case you and your beloved one have totally different goals for your future as a couple, this unfaithfulness is probably a sign that you have more serious issues to discuss.

Think of The Fact How Do you Really Feel for Each Other

After understanding about the betrayal of your partner you are probably overwhelmed by despair and other negative emotions. That is the most normal reaction of every person who had been hurt by his or her beloved one. However, the best reaction in this moment is to forget about the anger and the insult and to ask yourself the most important question – “How do you really feel for each other?” It may sound trivial but many couples fail to understand the real problems that affect their relationship. Instead of blaming your partner for his or her infidelity, you had better think of the fact whether you are happy enough at this stage of your relationship.

In conclusion it could be said that everything remains strongly individual. Love has diverse dimensions and people's reactions towards infidelity can really surprise you. The most important thing, however, remains to be able to trust your partner and not to allow to be hurt. If you really count on each other you will eventually find your way back. Until then, you should consider all the details of the story before decide whether you can forgive or forget or whether the time for new experiences has come. Think wisely but follow your heart – that is the guide for handling with all love problems.

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Patricia J. Cornwell is in a relationship with a co-worker from DomesticCleanLondon W4. They are together long enough to be sure it is not just a lust.

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