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demonizing your date

Stop Demonizing Your Dates

Say you're on a date with someone you either aren't attracted to, or are feeling mixed about. Perhaps the conversation is stunted, or the other person's manners are kind of off. Maybe you actually get along fairly well, but you...

/ November 29, 2011
Dating Anger

Dating Anger

I was out with a friend last night, talking about relationships, and the topic of anger came up. While we discussed various ways about how anger can manifest and cause trouble, I had a flashback to a woman I dated...

/ October 20, 2011
first impressions

First Impressions are Overrated

There. I said it. First impressions are overrated. Now that's twice. However, there's a catch. What we choose to focus on when first meeting someone makes all the difference. In other words, because people often pay attention to the flash...

/ September 20, 2011