Why Dancing Is The Perfect Option For A First Date

Whether it’s taking a class, going to see a performance or simply busting your moves in a club or a bar, dancing can be a wonderful first date idea. Apart from being a beautiful form of self-expression, dancing can also tell you a lot more about a person than your typical date night out, and it might even help you choose a potential partner more easily. Even if you’re not looking for a serious relationship right now, dancing the night away can simply be a fun and interesting date idea. So, here are a few things dancing can tell you about your date:

You can learn more about their personality

We’ve all been on those boring first dates when we go out for drinks or a nice meal, sit across the table from each other and go back and forth chit chatting and asking so many questions we almost feel like we’re on a job interview. But instead of talking aimlessly and suffering through awkward silences, dancing is all about the feeling and the communication with another person without actually saying a word. It’s called the universal language for a good reason; you instinctively move along with another person, letting your bodies do all the talking.

You can see how well they take instructions

Taking your date to a dance class is also a great way to see how they take instructions and how well they actually react to them, telling you more about their character than a dinner date ever could. If they can’t handle being told what to do by a professional, chances are you will have difficulty making compromises and coming to agreements in the future. If they can’t take constructive criticism and they give up easily when it’s not going well, will they fight for your relationship when times get tough or will they give up just as quickly? But on the other hand, if they try their hardest and don’t stop even if they’re not the best at it, then you might have found yourself a keeper.

A great dress can help you seduce them more easily

The power of a well-fitting dress is simply undeniable, and a sexy slip dress is the ideal option for a dancing date night. Not only does this silhouette suit every figure beautifully, but it also hugs your curves in all the best ways. What’s more, a dress like this also flows wonderfully, following your every move and swaying along with your body and the music, making for the most alluring sight your date is bound to fall in love with. So, visit some amazing dress stores the next time you decide to take your date dancing, pick out a feminine slip dress and knock your partner off their feet.

You can test your date’s opinions and feelings

Another good first date idea would be to take your date to see a dance performance. It might not involve any physical movement, but it is a great way of testing the person’s thoughts and feelings, as well as their appreciation of the art. If both you and your date end up loving the show, then that’s perfect, but if they aren’t fond of it and still sit through the performance patiently just to make you happy, then you might have found the right one. However, if they don’t like it and end up complaining the whole time and asking you why you even brought them here, think about what a relationship with a person like that would look like.

Their moves are a great indicator of their bedroom skills

Possibly the most obvious benefit of a dancing date night, it’s a well-known fact that someone’s dancing skills are closely related to their bedroom skills. Of course, this is not exclusive and there are other factors that can make a bad dancer good in bed. But if they can move their hips like a pro with their clothes on and standing up, just imagine the possibilities of your future interactions. After all, hips don’t lie.

You can evaluate your date’s level of self-esteem

Dancing with a person you barely know in a room filled with strangers can be a very uncomfortable and sometimes even scary situation. And while a great dancer might feel perfectly comfortable in that scenario, it can tell you a lot about a person who might not be the best at dancing. If they are willing to put themselves and their subpar moves out there, completely opening themselves up for criticism and judgment, and even dance like no one is watching, then you’ve found a confident and self-assured person who doesn’t care what anyone thinks, and simply wants to have a great time going out with you.

Even though dance skills are subjective and dancing doesn’t appeal to every type of person, taking someone dancing on a first date can be a wonderful way of getting to know them on a different and more personal level.

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Fiona Wood is a lifestyle blogger based in Melbourne, Australia. She is in love with good coffee, croissants and fashion magazines. In spare time she plays tennis and traveling around the world.

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