What Does Underwear Say About a Woman?

If you are a fashion lover, underwear is probably important to you as well, even though that is something you only share with your mirror and maybe your sex partner. Yet, are you also familiar with the fact that there are so many types of underwear, just like there are many kinds of personality?

Nowadays there are so many choices for panties, for example T-string, G-string, thong, bikini, cheekies, boxers, briefs, granny panties, etc. There are also many different types of bras – T-shirt bra, balconette, strapless, push-up, sports bra, lace bra, and so on. The options seem limitless!

What does a lace bra say about you, or maybe the fact you feel comfy wearing cheekies? Maybe our ancestors did not have all these alternatives, but we do. What we also have is a chance to learn what kind of personality hides behind a certain underwear type. If you want to get familiar with this matter more, now you have a perfect chance!


Clean lines and staying comfy is what you like the most, maybe because you work a lot or have many obligations so you need all that comfort you can get. If you prefer this kind of underwear, you can be seen as super chill and the appearance is not as important to you as feeling good in your body. It also means you are free-spirited.

T-string and G-string

These ones are reserved for those who feel extremely comfortable with their bodies! Women who mostly wear T-string panties are not just confident and independent, but they are also keen on showing off because they feel like they have something they can boast about. G-stringis preferred by those women who are good at balancing work and pleasure. This is something that looks really good, yet it is comfortable.  It is also said that they are not afraid to reveal parts of themselves, both emotionally and physically.


You will like this garment the most if you are ambitious. You are very motivated, and succeeding is what you thrive on. If you tend to get out of your comfort zone often, the thong is the right underwear that describes your personality. You are not afraid of failing, but what is more important – you inspire everyone you get in touch with, being aware of it or not.


They say that this type of underwear is quite liked by those women who are fairly traditional, yet progressive when it comes to their ways of thinking. Enjoying simple things in life is what defines them, but also having a close circle of friends who are open-minded and well-informed.


Women who like wearing cheeky underwear can be seen as a bit insolent and cheeky. They show a lack of politeness in an amusing way and they are as energetic as they are daring. Alert, witty, funny and smart are all the traits they possess, and this is the reason others find them charming.

Commando and Granny Panties

It is said that wearing commando type of underwear is healthy, and if you like it, it means you like the spotlight. You can be seen as edgy, free-spirited, confident… You hate feeling constrained and following others and you rather choose to have your own unique opinions, meaning the society’s standards do not affect you at all.

While they might not be the sexiest item on the list, granny panties are probably the most practical and whoever likes wearing them the most is detail-oriented and likes feeling comfy more than looking good.

Push-up bra and Half-Cup Bra Style

Do you see yourself as a woman who likes to be in control no matter what kind of situation you find yourself in? They say women who prefer push-up bras like being in control. Also, you are seen as super-flirty, confident and out-going and you are not shy to get what you want.

Since they can be nicely combined with pretty much anything, to most women demi bras are just their cup of tea. If this gets you going and you find them your cup of tea as well it might mean you love the simplicity. It is as simple as that.

Strapless Bra and Lace Bra

You are not just spontaneous to some extent if you prefer wearing strapless bras, but this trait is what makes you who you are quite a lot. You are always open to trying out new things and you look forward to new adventures constantly.

Lace bra lovers are said to pay a lot of attention to detail, just like they are prone to maintaining a trendy and stylish appearance outwards. Lace bra-loving woman will try anything and she is not afraid of new adventures.

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