How Do I Make Him Stop Wanting to Be With Me All the Time?

I was at the Sprint Store the other day, picking up my replacement phone (A Galaxy Nexus, if you care to know). When I went inside the store I saw three really good looking women and a hapless dude with a ridiculous part in his hair. Almost like a strip show, but much shittier.

Anyway, while I waited for help (there were no other customers in the store mind you) cute girl one was perplexed at her dating situation: “I know, I know. I just feel bad telling him we can't hang out because I don't feel like it. I mean, geez, I spent a week with him in Hawaii. What else does he want?” According to cute girl, she's been with this guy for 4 months. That seems like a short time to be with someone before doing that sort of trip. But what do I know? Nuthin!

Cute girl 2 offers this tidbit: “Well, just tell him you're busy with friends or family whenever he wants to hang out.” Simple. Elegant. A flat-out lie. I like cute girl's style, well that and her boobs. Which is saying something considering I'm a hardcore leg kind of guy. Cute girl three is on another computer staring at her terminal. I'm sure she was doing something productive like watching porn or something else cool. That's when Hapless Harry chimes in: “You know, if a girl told me she didn't want to hang around me so much, I'd get it.” Wrong bub, you don't get it and you certainly DON'T get it. Whatever with this dick bag.

Upon asking cute girl how often her guy wanted to hang out, she said “every day since we got back from that rip. I want to claw his eyes out.” I offered this insight: “Perhaps your guy thinks you're cute when you're angry.” That got a laugh from the employees. I went on and offered my own input, which I'm not going to say is right, but here goes: I told cute girl that she just needed to be up front and direct and not be nervous or squeamish about what she wants to tell him and just tell her guy that “I really enjoy hanging out with you, but I honestly need some ‘me' time. It doesn't mean I want to hang out with you any less, I just need time to myself, too.”

Simple. No lies and she sets her desire out there. If the guy flips out that just makes him a turd and he's done cute girl the favor of plucking one more weed from her rose garden.

The moral of the story is this: Each of them good looking hos had a boy/ man of some variety. Aaand telling the truth is the best policy in this case. Done done.

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