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Have you ever experienced dating older women? If not and you are interested in having such an affair, you need to find out the most common characteristics of these women.  The term cougar is used to define a woman, usually over 35 years old, good-looking, hot, confident and at least five years older than her partner. Think of Demi dumping poor Ashton and running to even younger Harry Morton. Now that's a cougar.

Roles and relationships

Women in their late 30’s and older who have completed a role as mothers or this role perhaps is not a central in their lives, choose to have a relationship with a younger man. For you to understand cougars and their mindset here are some common characteristics:

  • They think that young men are more attentive to satisfy women in bed.
  • They believe that young men are more patient. And potent.
  • Cougar women believe that younger men are unspoiled and innocent, an ideal material for molding perfectly according to their wishes and needs.
  • Younger males are more physically attractive than older lads, and cougars just love that.
  • They are quite independent and like to feel powerful and dominant in the relationship – it's much easier to do with younger guys.

Additional characteristics


While the above is true, older women are also more emotional so the decision to date a younger guy is not exclusively sexually or physically motivated. Factors such as admiration, sympathy  and understanding also enter into the equation.

On the other hand, in the case of men, dating an older women belongs to their childhood and puberty fantasies. Who of us wasn't madly in love with a hot school teacher? However, when it comes to realization of these fantasies, things can get a little complicated. Whether the relationship between older women and a younger man will work depends on much deeper issues, such as compatibility of their personalities, priorities, and personal and professional development.

For instance, going back to our poor Demi, she didn't last long with Harry either. According to the gossip portals and blogs, the two had some real fun together but just couldn't see the future together. And if you're considering dating an older women than you must be prepared that this is more of the rule than the exception. Sometimes the age gap is just too much of the burden and the relationship falls apart (however, not everything is that bad; check out Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart, they are so sweet and doing quite fine!)

Did you know?

In the United States, the term cougar nowadays infuriate many people. The term resembles the image of a wild, graceful and beautiful animal that would haunt its victim, mostly young men. However, it seems that mainstream usage gave the term something pejoratively meaning, so today most women don't like being labeled that way. Despite this these women are redefining the concept of what the appropriate relationship should look like. This is mainly due the relaxation of the relationship conventions  regarding the age, race, religion and economic status.

Wrapping it up, older women, cougars, are admired for being more independent, economic consolidated and extremely confident. But at the same time, they are feared by their female, as well as male peers. The former see them as dangerous and seductive competition in men, while the latter are afraid they are taking over the position of dominant figure in the relationship that was traditionally reserved for men. Their autonomy and determination just frightens them.

In the end, if you are considering dating older women, there is no harm in trying. Only you can decide if it will work out or not. If you fail you can always go back to dating ladies who are fragile and must be taken care of. Perhaps your male ego won't be harmed that way.

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The author is passionate cougar lover, constantly trying to hook up with hot cougars and, ofcourse, mostly failing. However, he does have a cougar dating site where lots of cougars seem to have found their toy-boys and vice versa.

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