Geo Location Dating? Mojomapp makes it happen!

MojoMapp provides geo location based dating for singles

If there’s one thing you’ve learned about the Urban Dater it should be this: Taylor and I call each other “asshole” a lot and we love technology. Yep, it’s true and I have the phones to prove it!

One thing we always like to do is to keep up with new trends in dating and mating; specifically dating “tech,” if you will. What apps are breaking ground to help people copulate and populate in the most fun way possible? Well, today we got some Geo-tagging date goodness for you. Are you ready for MojoMapp?

I was on the phone talking dirty to Nancy, the brains behind MojoMapp, and she wasn’t having any of it. Instead, she reminded me why we were talking in the first place. Ah, that’s right, new dating technology. I’m getting back on target here, kids. The idea came from the fact that Nancy and her girls were always trying to find guys to “take down” on their girls’ nights out only to find, more times than not, there would be no guys for any of them to meet!

From what I gathered in our discussion is that MojoMapp takes the geography based route of popular services such as Foursquare and Gowalla. What a cool concept! I can use this app to find where all the ladies are checking in at! Right? Whoa, whoa brochacho, as Nancy put it: “the problem with Foursquare is that it can tell you what people are checking in and where, …but it won't tell you if the men or women are single or taken.” It also broadcasts your check in to other like-minded singles using the app.

Yep, that’s a real problem alright. What MojoMapp does to address that issue is simply to take into account each user’s gender and use only that for check in purposes. Simple, but effective in my opinion.

Really this app helps singles find where are the high concentration of singles of the desired orientation are. If you’re looking for where you should go to have fun and meet the singles you want to meet then MojoMapp is definitely worth your time.

That’s not all this app does, though. You see, each venue will have a digital “wall” that users can post messages to. This opens up a lot of possibility for interaction among st singles! Let’s say you and your boys show up at the local bar and you’re feeling generous and want to have some fun. You post on the venue’s wall: “Hey! I’m going to buy a shot for the first girl that can tell me what a d20 is!” Now, this sort of question will probably not get you a response most times and it certainly won’t get you laid by the woman of your dreams. But you get the hint. MojoMapp can definitely help you find where the singles are and let you interact with them in fun and innovative ways.

MojoMapp brings together singles who want to meet other singles to the same locations in a city. By creating hot spots for singles, MojoMapp creates new opportunities for you to meet someone the next time you're out having fun… About MojoMapp

Privacy is ultra important to Nancy, there is no intention right now to include a Facebook connect feature; all users are anonymous and no private info is shared. Period. Nice!

Right now it’s only for iPhone, which is waiting in the approval process with the iTunes AppStore as of the time of this writing, but Nancy assures me an Android app is on the way very, very soon. This amazes me because they’ve only been working on this since November 2010!!! With the initial roll-out it's also supposed to be free, but only for a limited time. So be sure to pick it up when it does hit the app store.

Their initial campaign to spread the word will begin in the various culture centers and neighborhoods within San Francisco.

I’m personally very enthusiastic about their project because I really think it’s a great concept that’s hitting at just the right time. We’ll keep you posted and let you know how this project is going.

Connect with MojoMapp and stay up to date here:

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