Everyone is Getting Married, or Having Bbabies – Not ME!

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What happens when your exes are getting married, your friends are having kids … and you well you keep living the fun single life!

Barney Stinson would say:”Everyone I know is getting married or pregnant, I am just getting more awesome!”

People are supposed to do whatever they want in this day and age. Although there is so much peer, and social pressure for us to be in relationships and mate!!

And because my parents got divorced when i was 6, i am in no rush to marry the first guy who asks. As a matter of fact I said no to the first guy that asked (several times).

Funny story there … the First guy who asked? He keeps asking once or twice a year – No joke

How are you going to say yes to a guy you haven’t dated in almost 10 years, that’s just insane.

Oh and the fucking insane part of that story, he believes we will get married someday.

Why am I not saying yes you may ask. I mean he is offering everything, marriage, kids, stability, money, warm country. Just the fact that he thinks that all those things are gonna make me say YES, totally make me realize he has NO idea what kind of person I am. Sad, well for him that is.

Also maybe the fact that he is the one asking, and I should (according to him) be the one making all the efforts going to visit him and all – Reality check buddy, if you really want someone who has clearly moved on, make the efforts yourself. Be a man about it!

Truth is I kind of blame myself for this one, I’ve had him has a safety net for the past 8 years … But thinking of it, that’s not how love, and commitment happens.

If it didn’t work back then what makes you think it will now? Yes we were too young, But to think of it if I did say yes then … I would probably be a mother of 3 trying to run away – Not fun!

wrong relationship

Anyhow back to the subject … single life while everyone else is settling down has made me think lately.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I am not against settling down, but don’t want to it with the wrong guy or for the wrong reasons.

I keep wondering though … do my friends, exes and all those people are settling for love? It surprises me, let me tell you why. All those friends, exes settling down, let’s just say that they are the people I thought would be the last to commit, if EVER … I mean I was the one pretty much engaged at 21, they where having fun.

What makes people commit? Is it an unplanned pregnancy, the fact that they are getting close to that age when society expects you to get married, do they just give up on meeting someone REALLY special to them?


I mean not to use big words; like ‘the one’, ‘the love of my life’, ‘soul-mates’ … But they should describe the reason why you settle right!? If not settling down sounds horrible – well to me that is. (to each is own)

I have this idea in my mind that one should decide to settle with the person that takes your breath away someone who gets you …

Kinda like those ‘special’ relationships.

The ones that sneak up on you out of the blue, totally in-expected.

I am not really the kind of girl who believes in soul-mates, meant to be and all that crap, well I used to but life taught me otherwise; or maybe I just grew up!

plato soulmates

Anyhow I find it very funny, or maybe very surprising how some people develop some kind of connection, feel attracted to one another (and not only sexually).

Someone that right from the beginning you can relate to like you would with your oldest friend – like with that friend you grew up with and knows everything about you and still loves you.

The person that changes you, that makes you a better version of yourself, that person who inspire you, that person who’s opinion means the world to you … someone you wouldn’t imagine your life without, that person who no matter what you say, do or how bad you fuck up, well you know they’ll always love YOU, that’s called unconditional love if you ask me!

Do you have someone like that in your life? I had a few relationships here and there that I thought were ‘special’ … Well that is until now.

I know you’re going to tell me that I met a new man – AH! Well NO I haven’t … He is an old one!

But more seriously he is not a love interest (well not really, or maybe he is, was … who knows) truth is we have the weirdest relationship, but it is very important to the both us, don’t ask me why … it is just weird. – We both have been very confused about the way we relate to each other, or even defining it … but hey! that’s a story for another time.

soulmates 2

So that’s it for today … any thoughts?



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