Breaking Up With Someone Before or After the Holidays

holiday breakup
holiday breakup
Breakups during the holidays. Like a punch to the cooter. Less fun than a romp in the rape van.

If you randomly came to this post via Google Search (or Bing, if you suck) then you're probably an asshole, or at the very least an asshole in the making.

You haven't decided whether or not to break things off with your significant other because Christmas is right around the corner. Do you wait? Or do you do it now? The question is similar whether or not you should take off a bandaid quickly or slowly. Just get the pain over with and move on with life.

You guessed it, do that shit before hand. Yes, I said it. Break up with your significant other before the holidays. It will save you trouble later on. Below are some pros and cons

Reasons to breakup before the holiday

  • You're better off breaking up when you need to breakup, regardless of when it falls. Why? You don't have to be ‘fake' and in a relationship you know isn't going to last.
  • You can get oral from someone new at the local dive bar.
  • Sympathy invites to social gatherings and sympathy gift giving. If you're a guy, the ladies sometimes come out of the woodwork to console you. TrueFax
  • You avoid “pulling someone along for the ride.” That always sucks, man.
  • It may not seem it, but it is a huge weight off of each of your chests n' shit.

Reasons not to… I'm not even going to get into it. If a breakup needs to happen it needs to happen. Period. I would say that holiday head is a compelling reason to avoid breaking up before the holidays. That said, how good is the oral you're receiving? That should really be the only guiding principle for choosing not to breakup before the holidays… Send hate mail to the Urban Dater care of [email protected].

Come back next time when I talk about stuff while not cussing.

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