Dating Your Life Partner

This post is exclusively for them who are married together, have kids together and in the mood of pampering their soul mates. Please keep your reading continue if you are pleasant, fun loving fellows. Who believe in the relation of give and take.

Here are some cheering tips to end your date in a more cheerful manner.

  • Please her

Prepare yourself to add spice in your monotonous gravy. It's time to refresh your relation and make her realize that how special she is in your life. You know everything about her. That pressing her forehead lovingly with your hands is enough to make her day. How does she forget herself in serving you and your children so it’s your turn to do pleasant things for her. Take a holiday and make interesting plans. Her happiness should be your only priority. Give her surprises. Take a holiday without her knowledge and enjoy her instant wide smile on the face when you inform her about your off.

  • Become hygienic

Hygienic is the first key to enter into the heart of the person. Don’t forget your date is novice whether the mate is old. Women should shampoo their hair. Don’t take each other as granted. Try to conceal the cuts on your fingers while chopping vegetables. Take manicures and pedicures. Men should polish his shoes in a very gentle manner. Put your every effort to make  him happy.

  • Raise pleasure

Don’t let any anxiety spoil your date.  Don’t discuss issues like your in laws sickness, your kids study, an unpaid payment, your disturbing relation with boss. Focus on each other. Look into each others eyes, praise each other, hug each other, kiss each other. Which you could not do in the daily routine. Crack jokes. There is no limitation to bind you as you have become one now.

  • Don’t argue

Don’t argue. If you find some difference in any point of view. Leave that topic of discussion instead of wasting your golden time. You know the dislikes of each other. So try to avoid unpleasant situations. Don’t complain or blame each other for any previous issue. Bury such problematic contents under the carpet of your home.

  • Give priority to your privacy

After kids those moments are very rare when you stay  together alone. There is always someone to accompany you. You don’t commit a mistake to bring your children with you. You can leave them to your parents who can take care of them. Choose the time of your vacations so that no responsibility could disturb you. Don’t choose public places. You  can go to a hill station to spend vacations. You can go for candle- night dinner on weekends.

  • Become innovative

You can give surprises to each other. You can make those things happen which you could not do due to busy routine of life. You can involve in adventurous activities like para gliding, rafting ,skiing, camping according to your choice, availability and other issues.

  • Focus on each other

Meet each other as you are meeting first time. Behave like  love birds out of the anxieties of the world. There are no worries to create tension and separate you. Try to know the things which she would like to do but can not due to family problems and busy time- table. Ask her about her latest likes and dislikes, ambitions, priorities. Something which she  would like to alter in the home and him. Promise her to make things better. Look deep into her eyes, put your fingers into her hairs and try to relax her. Praise the color of her eyes, unique beauty of her. Praise the way she maintains herself instead of a busy schedule. Compliment her slim, seductive figure.Show anxiety if you find something wrong with her health. Ask her about her parents' family. Women like to talk about their families particularly parents.

  • Embrace her

Married couples have liberty to do anything when they date each other. Sex is the food of married life. But same routine makes it boring and you start losing interest. You can change the location. You can go to a room of decent hotel where there will be no one to interrupt you. You can try various sorts of styles with the help of your research to  rejuvenate your sexual relation. Embrace her tightly and lock her lips. She is all yours.

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