Top 10 Things to Avoid Doing on a First Date

10 things to avoid on a first date
10 things to avoid on a first date

It goes without saying that we all want to make a great impression on any first date. But with nerves running high and panic setting in, even the smoothest operator can make the occasional dating faux pas.

While the best advice is to always try and be yourself, it certainly doesn’t hurt to also have a little bit of preparation under your belt. With this in mind, here’s a look at 10 absolute no-no’s when it comes
to surviving a first date.

1. Using your mobile

Chatting on your phone, texting and laughing at some hilarious photo your BFF posted from last night are all exceptionally rude ways to act on a first date.

2. Bad Table Manners

Licking the knife, belching and taking a bite of your date’s meal without asking are all far too familiar, not to mention rude, for your first meal together.

3. The ex

Whether you’re bragging or bemoaning your past dating experiences, the ex should always be left out of first date conversations. Bringing them up gives the impression that you haven’t moved on and you’re not ready to see new people.

4. Your obscure hobby

Got a passion for Burmese cats? Love to tell everyone about your stamp collection? It’s fantastic to feel strongly about your hobbies but keep in mind not everyone shares the same tastes. A great way to meet people who are compatible with your lifestyle is through online dating. The eHarmony dating site, for example, is a great place to discover potential matches.

5. The future

You can love babies, you can be mad about wedding dresses. You might have even planned your future dream home. But no first date needs to hear about it ─ you’ll almost definitely scare them off.

6. Your troubled past

When it comes to first dates, it doesn’t hurt to play some cards close to your chest until you know how understanding and considerate someone is. If you have been through a rough patch, don’t offload the information too soon; wait until you get to know one another better.

7. Sex, sex and more sex

Whether it’s a dirty joke, a past experience or just your hopes for how the evening will pan out, bringing up sex early on will seem sleazy. Not everyone takes dating at the same speed, and many people like to take things slowly.

It’s another factor behind the popularity of dating sites like eHarmony. Through the eHarmony Facebook page and website, members get to connect on a deeper level before physical intimacy becomes a consideration.

8. Getting boozed up

Take it easy on the drinks – this is as much for your safety as it is your air of class. No matter how witty and charming your banter was earlier in the evening, have too much to drink and you’re bound to leave a bad impression.

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