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In astrology, there are certain signs that are more compatible than others. Whether you’re an experienced astrologer or just like to read your horoscope, it’s important to consider a potential partner’s sign when deciding if you should settle down. Some signs get along swimmingly, others–like the following pairs–mix like oil and water. Let’s hope you and your new sweetie aren’t on this list!

Aries and Capricorn – Capricorns are loyal to the practical aspects of their lives and are always looking ahead while Aries tend to live in the here and now, without regard to the future.  Aries are impulsive tending to act first and think later, which clashes with the Capricorn tendency to plan.  Aries tend to be unrestricted with their money while Capricorns are likely to be financially more conservative, so think twice before getting a joint bank account.  Love sparks may fly, but since the way these lovers think can be polar opposite in just about everything, heated arguments are likely to be ignited.

Taurus and Aquarius – The love between Taurus and Aquarius can be trying at best. Taurus’ tend to be traditional, consistent, and dependable while Aquarians are free spirits that like to live life off the beaten path. Opposites can attract, but because both signs also tend to be stubborn, you can expect quite a few standoffs for this pair. This match typically won’t last long since a Taurus can be very content in a relationship that changes little where an Aquarius needs a relationship that grows and changes often.

Pisces and Gemini – Geminis are strong communicators and look for grand pronouncements of love. This differs greatly from those with signs in Pisces since they tend to want understated displays of affection. These differences can leave the Pisces overwhelmed and the Gemini feeling as their love well is not being filled. Good thing both signs are a little flexible, but this pairing is always a challenging one.

Cancer and Libra – Both of these signs crave harmony, so much so that both partners in this relationship may try to change their true nature to make this relationship work.  To complicate things even more, communication between these signs can be troublesome.  Be careful: these relationships can fall into game playing and both partners can get hurt.

Leo and Scorpio –Leos and Scorpios can both be very possessive of one another, which can create arguments for this pair. Both signs can be very inflexible and proud, so compromises are a rare occurrence.   The bedroom can also become a battleground for this pair as Scorpios tend to withhold sex and Leos have strong sexual appetites.  There are so many ways a couple can clash, and this pair seems to have them all.

Virgo and Sagittarius – The pairing of these zodiac signs is, hands down, one of the most tumultuous.  There can be huge attraction in the beginning, but these signs tend to have different values and relationship styles. Virgos tend to be more practical while lovers with signs in Sagittarius tend to be philosophical.  Sagittarians tend to crave freedom and space in their lives, something that Virgos don’t have a natural tendency for.  Because these signs are so different, it would be incredible for them to ever find middle ground.

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  1. I agree with the Aries and Capricorn incompatibility. Both are strong headed and fights can occur really often. Some believe that astrology doesn’t have a saying in our relationships but I strongly disagree and I see this everyday. Your list is really useful for some people dealing with bad relationships and not understanding why.

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