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This is where you can find the details of my sordid dating career. Yes, I’m kissing and telling, but we’re cool like that.

How to be irresistible to men on a date?

To be irresistible you have to be “The Girl.” It's kind of like how guys say to other guys, “You the man!” Being “The Girl!” is the type of girl that guys love to be with. It's the type of...

/ April 30, 2013

How To Be A Great Date

There's nothing quite like a great date to put you in a good mood and enjoy life. And whether you're single or have been married for years, with a few quick tips/reminders I'm going to help inject your love life...

/ April 22, 2013

The Attraction Factor: A Psychology of Sex

On your way to preparing for a hot and steamy date, you stop to take one look at your lips and realize that your lipstick isn’t right. For some reason or another, the color doesn't “pop” enough, so you wipe off your...

/ April 20, 2013
movie date

How to Prepare For A Movie Date

Movie dates are still a good way to spend time with your special someone even with the technology we have today. Watching movies at home on your flat screen or on your laptop may not have the same appeal as...

/ April 9, 2013
an awkward kiss

The Thing About a Kiss…

There we were, sitting down at the Village Cafe and we noted all of the folks with terrible haircuts walking up and getting in line. I've often wondered if trendy/shitty haircuts were a pre-requisite if one wished to partake of...

/ April 7, 2013
a weird date

A Weird Time

Now, I should say this, I hadn't talked to her on the phone yet. We'd simply exchanged text messages and PMs on OkCupid. But everything else “looked right.” That is, when Bobbi entered the coffee shop, I took pause, because...

/ April 1, 2013
bridge to nowhere

I Built a Bridge to Nowhere aka Failing to Seal the Deal

I went to WordCamp San Diego this weekend. It was a good time, needless to say. I get to be nerdy, get my learn on and hang out with some awesome, awesome folks. I was doing it right. I got...

/ March 26, 2013

5 Ways to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Looking to screw up your third date, your marriage or your long-term relationship? It's actually considerably easier than you might think. If you'd like to toss your loving relationship aside for a week's worth of nights crying over a box...

/ March 26, 2013