A Holiday Roundup of Gift Ideas and Things That Make You Go "Hmm"

The Usual Holiday Suspects

Happy Christmas Eve, y'all! At the Urban Dater we wish you and yours a very, Merry Christmas and any other coinciding holiday that isn't, you know, Christmas. However you celebrate and whatever you do, make it awesome and special with loved ones.

Here are a few posts we've collected for today (honestly this should have gone out, like, a week ago) take a look and remember, say no to kicking your man in the cho cho.

  • The Christmas Gift Giving Conundrum – Guys, did you piss off your woman? Buy her something sparkly, which will surely distract her from kicking you in the ankle, from our sponsor, Ice.com.
  • Do the Holidays Affect Your Relationship? – Do you become more sex crazed, more prone to Irritable bowel syndrome, or do you just wish it would all go away and have Santa take a long walk off a short pier? This piece is for you.
  • The Ghost of Christmas Fail – A step by step guide on how you, too, can fail at Christmas by telling someone that you don't love that you DO love them. Fail.
  • 5 Holiday Date Ideas that Don't Suck – Do you want to volunteer to feed homeless peeps? Perhaps you want to look at how rich Americans waste electricity with their amazing Christmas light show. Whatever the case we have you covered. Bonus * Take your special someone to see ‘True Grit' tonight. Nothing says Christmas like a Western with lots of killin'.

Have a supa fly Christmas from Taylor and myself, at the Urban Dater. Take it sleazy, kids.

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