Online Dating by the Numbers

The good Folks at put together an interesting infograph about online dating, matching making and more. Who doesn’t love an effing infograph! I think I’m going to make one for all the masturbating I do… Anyway, check the shit out of this thing.

online dating by the numbers

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  1. says

    Who knew that the online dating industry was so big? Not me, at least.
    I found mycurrent partner this way and thought that we were probably one of a select few. It seems that we aren’t, which is a bit of a shame really. There must be thousands of couples like us all over the world now and that it a weird thought for me
    Anyway, finding your partner online doesn’t guarantee that you live happily ever after. We have been looking at getting some advice on relationships, as we have found the real world harder to get to grips with than the internet. I guess this isn’t unusual either and there is probably an infograph kicking around somewhere which proves it.

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