Great Ideas for Daytime Dating

Date: four beautiful words, one enormous struggle. Where to go? When to meet? What to do?


Take a deep breath and repeat this mantra: daytime dating shouldn’t be painful, it should be enjoyable. You can easily transform a trivial meeting with a person of your interest into a unique and extremely romantic pastime format. And here’s how you can do that.

Nighttime Vs. Daytime: Which is the Best for a Date

The short answer is: either option will do. As long as you know what time will suit you and your date best, success will be in your pocket. For example, if you’re about to have your very first date, choose daytime – you’ll at least be able to see someone in the peculiar fashion style details, and no artificial illumination will be necessary.

But if you’re a vampire that adores nocturnal activities and can’t imagine their life without darkness, nighttime is the best variant for giving that special ambiance to the evening. 

You can even mix these up, sequentially going out both during the night time and the day time. Either way, the choice is your. Remember: it doesn’t matter when, but how you spend that quality time. By the way, you know what else makes each date unforgettable? Confidence. So don’t forget to be the ultimate catalyst of your own movie and try to impress your date with effective going-out solutions I am about to reveal right now.

What You Can Do Together When It's Daytime

The options extend to Mars here, and so do your chances to win the heart of your date over once you embark on the right activity.

Well, I mean the optimal one, because the meaning of “right” depends on preferences and tastes in this context.

What if your date is fine with sitting on the asphalt and eating crackers? If your dating ideas are scarce, here’s a shortlist of things you can do before sunset:

  • Go on a picnic. Grab that fancy picnic basket, stuff it with all kinds of delicious treats (don’t forget about champagne), and enjoy the sun rays kissing your face as you eat and chat effortlessly in the park. Chances are, not only sun will make you happy with a tender kiss. 
  • Try a classic lunch date. Well, the process of consuming food follows us everywhere. But that’s fine! Eating out with your date is a perfect occasion to know each other better, and hopefully discover some cream on your date’s cheek so you can lick it and ignite sexual drive.
  • Visit a gym. If you’re both into sports, you’ll find out that cardio is good for your hearts, and also for staring at each other as you become all sweaty and hot. 
  • Rent a bike. Physical activities don’t end at the gym. You can take a quick ride together to taste speed or enjoy a slow driving experience, holding each other’s hands.
  • Go to the zoo. Maybe it’s time to dilute your relationship with cuteness or astonishment overdose? Yes, the emotions you’re about to experience will change like the colors of a chameleon. And that’s a perfect occasion for sharing them and getting closer.       

How to Keep Dating Partner Involved

  • Calm down. I know how much confidence you maintain…until you meet her. Once you feel her presence, that image of self-assertion usually blurs, and you can hardly find the right words. Your partner is not your one and only chance on this planet. Just forget it’s a date and enjoy your moment as it is – you’ll see how smoothly things will go.   
  • Keep eye contact. That’s the banalest, yet the most effective and battle-tested advice you can possibly hear or read. During the date, always remember to look directly into the eyes of your partner, so that they realize how interested you are in them. Avoiding eye contact means that you neglect someone, which leads to a lack of respect in your relationship.
  • Mind proximity. Especially if that’s your first date. She’d definitely expect you to hug her, pat her on the back, or hold hands. But don’t be too intrusive – that can make your date scared and pretty sure that you don’t know the limits. 
  • Talk about nontrivial matters. Small talks are far from what is supposed to be discussed on the date. If your only question is “how are the things going?”, chances are your date will get bored immediately. Try to figure out what your date likes first, and then, depending on those preferences, configure some topics to maintain a conversation and make it vibrant. 
  • Crack a joke. Who doesn’t like humor? If you find the right tune to keep your date on, you’ll surely hit the target and make her think that you’re a God of jokes. We all know that people exhibit the highest attachment to those who make them laugh, so why not use this chance to let your partner be closer?

How to Benefit from Daytime When Dating Someone

The daytime should be put on the fore if you know what the preferences of your date are. For example, if she adores art and history, you can visit corresponding museums during the day. As we know, such establishments don’t work at night. 

Then, you can also plan the entire day and go out of town, rent a bike, and explore some new territory together. That’d be quite challenging to do during the night, so head wherever you want in the daytime. I bet you won’t like to get lost in the middle of nowhere (although such a situation could add a bit of spice to your relationship). 

Final Thoughts

Finally, go on a beach during a hot summer day to swim, chill out under the sun, and build sandcastles. What can be more romantic than that, huh? Plus, you’ll be able to check out the figure of your partner and understand whether you like them in terms of a physical connection. 

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