Be Safe, Avoid Creepers Like Me With a Second Number

Second Mobile Number From MyAKAIt just got real folks. Online I’m a creepy P.O.S. In real life? Well, uh, I’m the same. Meaning what precisely? Meaning I have a knack for creeping women out on a date. Typically this is accomplished by looking intently at their breasts while they tell me about how interesting they are and travelled to a bunch of shitty places I’ve never heard of or even care about. Habitat for humanity??? Freaking yawn! Anyway, because I can’t take “get the $#%^&* away from you dirtbag” for an answer to the question: “Wanna bang?” or “Second date, what up, ho?” I typically tend to keep calling, emailing, or messaging a woman until she files that restraining order. I don’t mind those. It’s something I’m into. Don’t judge me.

In all seriousness, there’s creepy folks, men and women alike. When you got on a date, you’re never quite sure who that person is that’s going to boil a rabbit in your stew. It behooves you to keep a “buffer” between you and potential Mr./ Ms. Fatal Attraction. Enter MyAKA. MyAKA solves the problem of dating sanely and safely without creating an awkward layer of intermediary contact like some other services have attempted to do, which is actually pretty rad. MyAKA’s service provides a second number in a users local area code, allowing two mobile numbers on one phone. That way, you don’t have to give your real number to someone you really don’t know and they don’t know they’re getting a number that isn’t really yours. It’s simple and it just works.

If you’re a lady, then you’ve probably ran into creepers a lot more than us dudes. Something like this hasn’t been available before now, which is surprising.

How does it work n’ stuff?

Glad you asked, child of the corn! All you really need to know is this: “One phone. Two numbers.” Click the graphic to learn more. But the service is really easy. I mean. The drunk broads at Taco Tuesday at the Silver Inn aren’t even this easy!

I wanted to promote this service because I believe in what MyAKA is doing and I genuinely think it’s valuable especially for adding another layer of safety to the online dating arena. MyAKA is giving away 7 Day Free Trial with no payment information required.

Again, the sign up process is super easy and they don’t even require kidneys! Or monies! That’s good, right? Right!

This post was sponsored by MyAKA. You can read more about our disclosure here

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