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Don’t Do This: Things That Will Ruin Your Date


Dating can be exciting, fun, and stressful all at the same time! Unfortunately, despite all of your best efforts to have a perfect date, things can go sour! If you are curious to know about things you shouldn’t do if you want your first date to be successful, this is the place for you!

In the very beginning, we have to tell you something: Although the focus of this article is on the first date, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to be careful on other dates, too. Always remember that bad habits can ruin every date, even if you already know each other well. 

While writing this article, we tried to remember how it was when we were going on dates. You know what?! The first thought that crossed our minds was, “Oh, the best thing is that it is behind us!” That said, we enjoyed our period of dating, which wasn’t so long ago that we've forgotten the lessons we learned. However, we remember the stress of it each time we went out.  You worry about everything – the place, the food, your clothes, gestures, and the sound of your voice. You also worry about whether you will be amusing or smart enough, will they be amusing or smart enough? 

Okay, maybe it is slightly easier today since most people meet their potential dates on some of the online dating sites.  First, you are matched based on your interests, etc. Apart from that, you can exchange messages, get to know the person a bit before you go on your first date for real. Nevertheless, there are still ways for things to go wrong and ruin the date. 

Don't fret! We have good news! You see, before, it was much harder to get informed on things we shouldn’t do, and now this is no longer the case! We can user our friend, Google, and find information about everything we need, including first date tips. We thought carefully about our dating experiences, discussed this with our friends. As a result of those conversations, we created this text to help you out with some tips for a first date.  But don’t forget to keep them for other dates, too, as they are proven to be pretty valuable. 

Things You Shouldn’t Do On a First Date

Don’t Be Late 

We don’t talk about being five or ten minutes late! Regardless of how well you plan when to leave your home or office and how accurate you generally are, there are always some things that you can’t predict. Getting stuck in a traffic jam is something that can happen to everyone. If you are not more than 15 minutes late, it is okay.  But if something happens that can make you late more than that – you should inform your date as soon as possible and apologize for your lateness. 

Don’t Be On the Phone The Entire Time 

Imagine going on a date only to find the person you are interested in chatting with their friends or checking Twitter. How would it make you feel? If you answered this question, then you probably realize why being on the phone when on a date is a terrible idea. It tells another person that you are not interested and that you have something better to do, doesn’t it?! Okay, you may realize that this person isn’t right for you in the middle of the first date! But there are way better ways to handle that situation.  If you are interested in a person and are not a surgeon on call, remember as one of the first date rules that it is a big no-no to spend time on the phone when you are supposed to have an actual conversation. 

Avoid Talking Only About Yourself

Everyone goes on a date expecting to get to know another person a bit better. So, it is only natural that you want to share information about yourself. But keep in mind that no one wants to learn everything about you, how you grew up, what your parents do for a living, etc., on the very first date. Besides, people also expect to hear that you are curious about them and their lives. So, of course, talk about the things that are important to you, but don’t overwhelm your date with utterly unnecessary information. You are not getting married the next day! And never forget to ask questions! 

Avoid Drinking Too Much

If you are anything like us, you are probably a nervous wreck before and during the date.That doesn’t mean that you need to cope with nervousness by drinking too much. If you tolerate alcohol well and you are in a good mood, by all means, go for that second or third drink. But if you know that it will get you drunk, we highly recommend that you stick to one glass of wine.  Be aware that many people consider getting drunk like that as one of the first date red flags for alcoholism. 

Don’t Talk About Marriage 

Okay, look, we all need love, and we dream of meeting that special someone with whom we can build a house, have kids, and get a dog. Should you talk about it on a first date?!  Or even tenth? Seriously?!  It is essential to understand that something like that is a real buzz killer. It is not to say that your date doesn’t want all of these things, too. And maybe they will want them with you. But going on a date, focusing on just the two of you is already super hard work. There are so many things you can talk about in the first months of dating. Family and stuff like that have no place in first-date conversations. 

Be Careful When Picking the Restaurant

There are two things you need to consider when choosing first-date restaurants. First, it is the ambiance. Is it cozy? Hopefully not too loud with music or banter from others. You want a well-decorated place, with good music (again, not too loud) and nice waiters where both of you will be comfortable. Then there is the question of food. Let’s say that you think Italian is romantic, and this would be perfect. They have good wine, good music, etc. But … You have to know that there is plenty of garlic in many Italian dishes! Indeed, it gives a fantastic taste, and you love it. However, you have to admit that it isn’t sexy to kiss someone whose breath has a garlicky odor.  Also, keep in mind that pasta, as delicious as it is, can create a lot of mess. You don’t want to put ragu sauce all over your date’s face clothes, do you, now?

Don’t Talk Badly About Your Ex

If we want to be honest, then our first date advice would be to not talk about your ex at all. Being heartbroken is certainly not nice, and you have the right to be hurt. But that doesn’t mean that you need to tell your current date all the bad things you think about your ex. When you talk about your exes, it usually shows how you treat people once they stop being in your life.  In general, talking about your ex can send the wrong message that you are still not over him or her, etc. 

What are your dating experiences? Have you ever made any of these mistakes? Do you have tips to share with us?

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