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How to play out the perfect first date on Valentine’s Day

Have a hot date this Valentine’s Day and looking for some advice? We interviewed dating coach, David Wygant to get the low down on what men really think on a first date. It’s completely normal to have butterflies fluttering in...

/ February 14, 2013

Low on Budget, High on Love? Design a Distinctive Date for Valentine’s Day

Candy is dandy when expressing thoughts and, as Ogden Nash quipped, liquor is quicker. But limit yourself to these prosaic choices and you throw away money instead of inspiring affection. Spending a lot isnt necessarily the direction to take on...

/ February 3, 2013
Worst Valentine's day ideas

The Worst of the Worst Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away (14th February) and you are hyped up to take your girl out for a special night on the town. But hold up Mr. Date Doctor, it doesn’t take a lot to fall...

/ January 16, 2013
v-day lovers

Things You Can Do Instead of Killing Yourself After Being Alone on Valentine’s Day

When you're single on Valentine's Day, nothing in the world seems as bad as having to be surrounded by happy couples for 24 hours. Why should you have to watch people make out on the subway just because it's the...

/ February 21, 2012
fail valentines day

10 Ways to Fail at Valentine’s Day.

You're reading this article right now wondering to yourself, “Why? Why would anyone bother to compile a list of such bad ideas?” I'll tell you why, dear reader. You see, I'm well aware of the fact that there are some...

/ February 10, 2012
Valentines Day Survival Guide

A Valentine’s Day Survival Guide.

Oooh!  You're in trouble!!! Did you enter Valentine's Day with out a plan?  Are you up the proverbial creek without a paddle?  Well, we've got a few articles and some offers that might just help you out!.  So please, dear...

/ February 6, 2012
valentines day gift ideas

Creative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas.

The Day draws nearerer.  Valentine's Day, the great marketing campaign of our time.  Hallmark and other large companies that feast upon the romantically inclined people of the world would have you believe that you need to get out there, buy...

/ February 3, 2012

The Urban Dater's First Podcast… Awww.

Hear ye, hear ye muthafuckaaaaas! Here is our first podcast everyone! It's been a long time coming and, really, the first time we've been sober enough to sit down and complete something…even though we didn't stay sober. So please, please...

/ February 14, 2011