3 Budget-Friendly Ideas to Win Your Valentine’s Heart

photo cred: firstwefeast.com
photo cred: firstwefeast.com

Whether you’ve just started seeing someone or have been dating for a while, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to do something special for your significant other.  With just a bit of creativity, you can give your date a memorable Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank.  Here are three budget-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas that are sure to win your date or partner’s heart.

1. Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt and Trivia

In a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt, you’ll have your Valentine searching for clues that lead to different treats and prizes.  A good way to start the hunt is to hide the first clue where your date will be sure to find it, such as a medicine cabinet or taped to the fridge.  Try to think of clues that are meaningful to your relationship, leading your partner to places like where you watch your favorite TV series together or even hiding a clue where you first kissed.  Writing clue in the form of riddles can also be fun.  For example, if you watch Scandal together every Thursday night (my personal favorite), you can write something like “every Thursday evening, we watch a show about a women whose first name is Olivia and whose last name is the same as the head of the Catholic Church (Olivia Pope).

With each clue, try to hide small gifts that you know your Valentine will love or that you may even use later in the night, like massage oils and chocolate body paint.  Throwing in bits of trivia throughout the hunt and offering prizes that your Valentine can win, like a back rub or massage, can help to add to the fun and romance.  Attaching pictures of the two of you to each clue can be a heartfelt way to remind your Valentine of all the many special moments you’ve shared together.   At the end of the scavenger hunt, leading your partner to your bedroom where cozy Valentine’s Day Pajama’s for the two of you are waiting (please link Valentine’s Day pajamas to http://www.crazyforbargains.com/valentines-pajamas.html) can be a fun and romantic way to end the night.

2. Have Dinner in a Foreign Country or Destination… Right in Your Own kitchen


With just a bit of creativity, you can travel with your Valentine to an exotic or foreign destination right in the comfort of your own kitchen.  Plan a meal inspired by a destination where you and your Valentine have been wanting to go for some time, or bring back fond memories with a meal inspired by a destination the two of you have already visited.  You can mix Valentine’s Day food and drinks with your meal like chocolate and champagne to add some romantic flair.  Playing traditional love songs or music from the country of your choice can help to mentally transport you to your destination.   While creating a three-course meal inspired by different countries will certainly impress, even just purchasing some fruits at your local supermarket and creating an exotic fruit and wine basket for the two of you to share can be an inexpensive way to “travel” to an island paradise.

3. Theme your Valentine’s Day Activities to Relate to Your Date or Partner’s Interests

Adding a theme to any activity you do with your Valentine is an awesome way to show how much you adore him or her for the qualities that make them unique.  To begin, pick a theme that relates to your Valentine’s interests.  If you plan on beginning Valentine’s Day by going ice-skating or watching a movie, place your Valentine’s skates or tickets in a box or envelope , and wrap the box or envelope with a print-out picture of his or her favorite sports team, foreign destination, TV show or movie.  When you get home, you can continue the theme by watching a replay on YouTube or TV of your partner’s favorite team winning a championship, watching his or her favorite movie, or having dinner “in a foreign country” like you would in the idea above.

At the end of the day, you can offer your Valentine a photo album half-filled with pictures of the two of you, telling him or her that they have the rest of the year to fill the other half.   Make sure to take pictures throughout the day so that your Valentine can begin the album with these photos!  Offering a photo-album to your date or partner can help to make your Valentine feel adored and win over his or her heart.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to strengthen your relationship and let your significant other know how much you appreciate him or her for being in your life.  By doing a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt with fun trivia, travelling to an exotic destination right in your kitchen, and themeing your Valentine’s Day activities to relate to your significant other’s interests, you can make your Valentine feel loved without going over your budget.  With these ideas, your Valentine may be even more certain that he or she is spending the day with the right person.

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Adam is a single journalist whose been in a 3 year relationship and enjoyed being creative on Valentine's Day

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