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Love Quiz: Is He In Love With You?

  One of the most enjoyable phases of a budding relationship is the “Dating” part. It could be a lot of fun because men tend to put their best foot forward. The goal is to win a woman’s love. But,...

/ May 20, 2014
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Dating Advice: Should You Chase Your Crush?

In the dating world “chasing after someone” has a romantic connotation; this is likely a direct result of all of those romcom scenes where Richard Gere chases after Meg Ryan in the airport to confess his eternal love. Outside of...

/ May 5, 2014

What Your Sleep Position Reveals About Your Relationship

Sleeping positions can reveal a lot about you; for example, if you hog the bed (my all time favourite position), it signifies that you like to have control of things – and that sums me up completely! However, your sleeping...

/ April 17, 2014

5 Ways to Make Friends With Your Boyfriend’s Pet

If your boyfriend has a pet, you can be certain that it's important to him. If you and the pet don't get along, it could be bad news for your relationship! It's important to demonstrate that you can be compatible...

/ February 17, 2014

3 Budget-Friendly Ideas to Win Your Valentine’s Heart

  Whether you’ve just started seeing someone or have been dating for a while, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to do something special for your significant other.  With just a bit of creativity, you can give your date a...

/ February 10, 2014

A Dating Site For Every Enthusiast

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/ October 1, 2013

5 Signs That He’s Not Looking for a Relationship (at least not from you)

His profile says “seeking relationship” but his behaviors tell another story. He might not be lying either. Maybe he really is looking for that special someone, but in meantime he might be just as happy with that non-special someone’s sweet...

/ July 17, 2013