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quit lying to yourself

Are You Lying to Yourself?

We are looking for love & we’re trying online dating, public, singles events, etc. Yet, it’s all turning out the same way: not finding a good fit. So what do we do? Begin compensating for the lack of love in...

/ January 26, 2013

What Not to Wear on a First Date

We've all given and received advice on what to wear on a first date in order to seal the deal on a second. But have you ever stopped to consider the things that you definitely shouldn't wear? Here we bring you our top...

/ December 21, 2012

How to Ruin a Relationship (In a Few Simple Steps)

Relationships should be fun, easy and filled with romance (aren't they all like that at first?) but it’s easy to ruin a relationship over time. By the time you’re miserable and it’s no longer an easy relationship, many people think the...

/ November 16, 2012
rekindle the spark

How to Rekindle the Spark in Your Relationship

Whether you have been in a relationship for a month or 20 years, it is difficult to maintain that same spark you had when you first met. It is common to get so comfortable with your partner that you begin...

/ November 6, 2012

Men: Let’s Work on Our Dating Profile

Men go onto these online dating site hoping upon hope that they will find that woman who will be an answer to all their prayers. This woman who will be their dream girl, the girl who cooks and cleans, loves...

/ October 19, 2012
Fingers Crossed

Women’s White Lies: What She’s Really Saying on Date

Women fascinate me. Or more accurately, the way women communicate fascinates me. It's a mystery to all men. It's such a mystery that if I were to resign indefinitely from trying to decode women-speak, absolutely no one would blame me....

/ October 16, 2012
Dating Mistakes Women Make

FREE Webinar – 3 Biggest Dating Mistakes for Women

Special LIVE Webinar Training: “The 3 Critical Dating Mistakes That Women Make… And How To Avoid Them!”   The Sober Lover is hosting a jam-packed LIVE training webinar that's going to show you the BIGGEST mistakes most women are making...

/ November 11, 2011
romantic comedies killed the relationship

Romantic Comedies Killed the Relationship

If you're a novice to the dating scene, chances are your idea of a good first date is dinner and a movie. But let me warn you fellas, taking a girl to see a romantic comedy might seem like a...

/ November 2, 2011