You Settling, Settleristic, Settlephyte, Settler!

Settling for a Table of Mediocrity

Yeah, this post isn't going to win me traffic or awards based on the Search Engine Optimization of this post's title. F*ck it, though. I really don't care. Today's post is brought to you by Land O Lakes Butter and Hubris (not to be confused with yummy hummus!). The topic of women, boobs, boobs and slow motion ass slapping came up once again with a couple of the fellas. The fellas with whom I was sharing this riveting discourse were Mondo P. McScratchn'sniff and Rod. You may remember Rod from his dealings with a psycho gal who sent him crazy text messages. As we were there discussing the realistic frames per second we'd need to film to show the desired amount of bosom bounciness from a slo-mo ass slap the topic became a little more serious and a lot less interesting to me. The topic was about settling. Oh sure, you've read posts about settling here and everywhere else! Well, tough! You're about to get another dose of it!  Haha! Suckers. Ahem! Anyway; settling.

Settle for nothing less than everything you deserve. the moment you settle for less than you deserve, you deserve what you settled for. — Jack, from Brooklyn

Think about that statement. What do you think? Aside from the obvious; that Jack is a hell of a smart guy and far more wise than myself. Yes, I know this.

Jack's statement sticks with me and it popped into my mind during my convo with the guys. It's simple and true. Rod was talking or, rather, thinking out loud: “You know, Nancy. She's so beautiful… So gorgeous. But dammit if she doesn't come off as dumb and she's not,” cried Rod. He continued, “I mean she says ‘like' and ‘um' and ‘totally' waay too much and she just doesn't sound, well, bright. I don't feel like I can bring her around and introduce her to my friends and family. I'm not proud enough to do that.” Then Rod posed the real question: “Does it matter to me?” The answer was a resounding YES! It DID matter to him. Rod also wanted kids somewhere down the road, Nancy didn't. Did that difference matter to Rod? It mattered to him like chains and rope matter to a bondage scene.

The story may seem a bit winding, if not totally unnecessary, but it illustrates a point: Don't settle. You might be with a great guy; a great gal that treats you right in all the ways that matter. However, if your heart doesn't do the fluttery pitter patter stuff then that person may not be the right one. If there are critical issues like differences of opinion on marriage and kids, yet everything else is great you have some soul searching to do. Say to yourself and then ask: “This is where my lover is different than me. Does it matter to me?”

Does it matter to you? It better and if it does, stick to your guns; you're absolutely responsible for 100% of everything you settle for.

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