The Adult Toy Box: Essential Items that Keep Relationships Hot

Penis rings

You can get a lot of pleasure out of one of these, and although they are relatively cheap to buy, there is nothing cheap about the sex that you can experience when your partner wears one of these. A Penis Ring is exactly that, a small ring that is placed at the base of the shaft of the penis and it is designed to provide direct clitoral stimulation during sex by way of vibration or through the bumpy texture that it may have. Getting your partner to use one of these little gadgets is an exciting way of improving his sexual performance and will go a long way to helping you achieve an orgasm.


Where would the art of seduction be without some lingerie to help you entice your man into the bedroom? A bit of role play or dressing up to live out a particular fetish or fantasy is a sure fire way to ignite the flames of passion so discuss with your partner what they would really like to see you wearing. Perhaps your man has a thing about stockings or a lacy corset, or maybe he would wild to see you in thigh high boots, whatever it is that turn you on, will certainly have the desired effect when you stand at the doorway brandishing that whip, dressed in your leather outfit!

Keeping a well stocked adult toy box in the bedroom is essential for keeping the relationship hot, so stock up as soon as you can. Online stores like sell adult toys online, you can order from the comfort of your home and all deliveries are discretly packaged and labelled.

Tom Grant  is a licensed couples therapist in New York City. An avid blogger, he loves to share his knowlege with couples on the web.

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Susie Andrews is a licensed couples therapist in New York City. An avid blogger, she loves to share her knowledge with couples on the web. She suggests you to visit online stores like sell adult toys online, so that you can order from your home.

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