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How To Keep Yourself HIV Safe While Using Sex Toys

HIV and Sex Toys We all know that staying protected during intercourse is important, but did you know that HIV transmission is also possible by sharing sex toys? Bodily fluids remain on sex toys after usage and won’t go away...

/ May 10, 2018

Ten Celebrities Who Love Their Sex Toys

We see them when they’re sleeping and know when they’re awake. We know if they’ve been bad or good, so…what toys do they play with? Find out some celebrities that are proud to share their vibrator choices. 1. Beyoncé and...

/ June 2, 2014

The Adult Toy Box: Essential Items that Keep Relationships Hot

What you find inside a toy box is normally associated with fun and games and if you keep an adult toy box in the bedroom then you should have some items in it that are almost guaranteed to keep the...

/ May 3, 2013