How To Keep Yourself HIV Safe While Using Sex Toys

HIV and Sex Toys

We all know that staying protected during intercourse is important, but did you know that HIV transmission is also possible by sharing sex toys? Bodily fluids remain on sex toys after usage and won’t go away until they get washed. That means that if one user is HIV-positive, then the virus may be passed to future users. It’s uncommon, but it has unfortunately happened before.

If you want to share that rabbit vibrator with your GF, BF or BFF and you’re unsure about their sexual history, then read on to find out more about how to keep yourself safe.

Beware, Don’t Share!

When it comes to sex toys, sharing is NOT caring. You will have no risk of being infected with HIV from sex toys at all if you don’t share sex toys with anyone. If you never share your sex toys with anyone or use sex toys that belong to someone you don’t know very well, then you don’t need to worry about protecting yourself from HIV.

In some cases, though, sharing is something you’ll still want to do. Maybe you and a new sex partner want to explore toys together. Maybe you want to share a great toy with a best friend. When this is the case, use the next three tips to help you keep safe.

Wash Thoroughly

The good news is, washing a sex toy thoroughly with soap and water is more than enough to get rid of any risk of virus transmission. To go the extra mile, you can buy a specialty sex toy cleaner. Those cleaners help to keep toys free of dust and other dirty stuff you don’t want to come into contact with.

Use Condoms

If you can’t clean your sex toys after each use, or if you’re unsure of the cleanliness of someone else’s sex toys, you may want to consider using a condom. Just slip the condom over the dildo, butt plug, or vibrator the way you would put it on a real penis and the toy will be good as new. After each use, throw the used condom out and Voila! An easy alternative to disinfection.

Use Non-Insertive Sex Toys

You only need to use condoms if your sex toy is insertive. If you want to have fun sharing sex toys but don’t want to worry too much about cleanliness, then try using non-insertive sex toys such as nipple clamps, sex swings, and handcuffs. Those toys can lead to the intense pleasure of a whole ‘nother dimension with no insertion necessary. As long as you don’t get body fluids on these non-insertive toys, you will not have to worry about any HIV transmission.

More Safety = More Fun

Sex toys are an indispensable part of the modern-day sexual experience! Today’s advanced toys help give orgasms leagues beyond what unaided intercourse can achieve. At the same time, though, this increase in the popularity of sex toys means that safety is more important now than ever.

Go ahead and love yourself using some hot sex toys! If you decide to share with someone else, then take these steps to do so safely!

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