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  1. I will comment a complete rebuttal soon…however I’ll say this now. This article lacks critical analysis. It seems to be based so high in opinion and lacks facts or statistics or even a thorough analysis of the Bible.

    I’m basing this off of what I have researched and have talked to people in successful marriages of all types. As well as continuous analysis of Christian texts…

    Sincerely a Humanities & Religious studies major who was left sorting out the jumbled writing of this article. This is so based in anti intellectualism and critical thinking that it worries me that people will accept this information and not critically read it and be able to quickly discern that it is not a proper article let alone a proper opinion piece. I agree on a few sub points and I agree that some long engagements may not work…I even wouldn’t choose one first, however, I was left to disagree with the article because it presented no factual or well written opinions. 🙁

    Will return with full analysis of article with added research.

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