7 Signs Your Marriage is Over

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Fixing up an ailing relationship is what every couple wants. However, sometimes the ailment is beyond cure and we have no other option but to call quits. The most difficult part is about figuring out whether or not the marriage can work. One can only determine that divorce is the ultimate solution to all the miseries after evaluating particular factors.

If you are struggling with your relationship and want to figure out whether you should somehow continue your marriage or file for a divorce, look for the following signs:

1. You’ve ‘Uncoupled’

Most couples whose marriages are in trouble have been uncoupled. If you have been disconnected from your partner lately and don’t feel like spending anytime together, it may be just the sign you need. However, it can be the other way around and your partner maybe the one who finds interest in everything else but you. Either way, your marriage is at stake and a divorce might be the finale.

2. Spouse Refuses To Try

No matter what kind of situations occur in life, a strong couple always come out of the problems by working together. When one spouse refuses to try, it means that he/she isn’t interested in working the relationship out. A marriage is a relationship that can never work out by the efforts of one spouse. You should first talk to your spouse and illuminate about the importance of ‘trying’. If it doesn’t work, you may ask the straight question whether your spouse wants to live with you anymore or not.

3. Relationship Lacks Respect.

Respect is an element that should be present in any relationship. It is not only husbands and wives or boyfriends and girlfriends who should respect each other but respect must be present in father/son, brother/sister and all the other relations as well. If a relationship lacks respect by either one of the two halves, the bond can not stay strong.

4. A Disloyal Spouse Keeps an Ex-Lover as a Friend

Ending a past relationship isn’t enough for either the husband or the wife. One has to break all the connections with the ex in order to focus on the current relationship. Disloyalty is one of the most common reasons behind failed marriages. If your spouse is still in a constant contact with his/her ex, the situation surely is alarming for you.

5. Your Partner Doesn’t Want To Compromise with Anything

Marriages don’t work without making compromises throughout the years. It is important that each individual makes efforts to play their part and adjust with the situations. In situations when one of the two individuals isn’t willing to make the necessary compromise, it becomes hard for the other half to maintain the relationship. If one of you isn
’t making necessary adjustments to your lifestyles, you are likely to end up filing divorce papers.

6. One Spouse Is Cheating On the Other

We talked about the importance of respect in a couple’s relationship. We also talked about being friends with an ex. However, there is one more thing worse than a spouse being disrespectful to his/her partner or not following the basic rules that every relationship requires one to follow. That ultimate no-no of a relationship is ‘cheating’. If you have been cheated on, and you don’t have a heart big enough to forget and forgive, you are likely to go for a divorce.

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7. You Disagree About Whether to Have Children or Not
Children are the most important asset of every marriage. Hundreds of thousands of relationships are only hanging by a thread but not getting broke because the couples have children. Children prevent their parent’s marriages from falling apart. If your spouse keeps resisting when you ask about having a baby, it is a sign that your partner doesn’t care much about your feelings. Thus, your marriage is extremely weak or finished.

Thus, these are seven reasons your marriage is over. You can sit down with your spouse and discuss all the issues that are pushing your marriage towards the cliff, and try to settle down the differences. If your spouse isn’t interested in working the marriage out, it unfortunately is the time to take the big step that you have been trying to avoid taking.

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  1. I’m not sure I agree with #1 but the rest = absolutely. Uncoupling might be the result of several things but it can be fixed so long as #2 isn’t a problem. I would suggest that if someone is experiencing #1, they take a break from life and spend time together. I’m sure you married your partner because you enjoyed their company. When you take away work and stress and distractions you might just get that connection back.

    1. The points are all valid, but I am not so agreeable to #1 and #3. A marriage has its stages and sometimes uncoupling is just a passing phase and may not be that serious to lead to a divorce. As for #3, sure, respect is needed in any relationship including a friendship. However, it is rather unlikely for a marriage to be totally void of it, unless the couple do not even realize it. Respect is given and earned, and it can be taught to couples. They just need to be aware of their relational patterns; a lack of respect does not call a divorce.

  2. Believe me, I know the feeling of #1, #2, #3, and #5. But if you’re experiencing any of these, try to fix the problems with your spouse first. Sometimes, a good communication and initiative can solve such problems. But if everything fails despite your 101% effort, then it’s time to accept that your “once-a-fairytale” marriage is over.

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