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Your Guide to the Perfect Night In

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Dates are not always about splashing the cash around in order to impress your latest squeeze or your other half. Sometimes the best way to get to know someone better or to rekindle things with your current partner is to spend the perfect night in together. Here are a few ideas on how to make a fun evening of it.



For long-term and even married couples sometimes a simple night of reminiscing can be an enjoyable night in. Sit chatting about the memories of when you met and the fun times you’ve had to help bring you and your loved one closer together. Married couples can even bring out the photo albums or even watch their wedding video to have an even more magical night of memories.


Sometimes you just want to get away and you don't have the first clue of where you might go. Stay in and figure it out! You and your partner can sip on wine and consider the perfect getaway. Look at interesting Airbnb destinations and more. Planning  a good trip takes time and it takes research; basically you won't be going anywhere quickly once you get started.


If you think it’s about time you mixed things up a bit food-wise then it might be worth passing on the usual curry or Chinese takeaway meal for two and instead try sampling another culture. Why not opt to dine in and choose a different type of food to enjoy together. Perhaps Thai, Lebanese or Moroccan will add some spice to your next date night. Alternatively how about spending the evening cooking up an international dish together?

What about making a fun treat together? A friend of mine shared an idea with me that I plan to steal as my own. They made alcohol-infused popsicles! YES! Popsicles made with rum, vodka and other tasty stuff. It's proof that there is a God!


For those couples or would be partners who love to get together for a good old-fashioned games night can really let loose when they bring out the classic board games and challenge their friends or family. Couples can come together for a special games night and take on each other in a fun game of Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, Cluedo or can even sit around enjoying a game of Moon Bingo. Throw in a few drinks and some nibbles and you’ve got yourself a great night, just try not to let the competitive element get in the way of the fun.



While many of us can’t stand the thought of DIY sometimes there are just things that need to be done around the house. How about setting you and your partner up with a DIY project to work on together? Painting or wallpapering a room is a great way for the two of you to get closer and have some fun. Make sure you’ve got the radio on to help entertain you both and then get stuck in.

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